[1] riky308 | Dual Blades

After weeks of hard work, the website is set and the first interview is published!

Below is our first interviewee and what he thought about Dual Blades:

riky308 | Spearman | Windia | GMS

Q1. What job do you dislike the most?

A1. “Dual Blades, because they are too over-powered.”

Q2. Why do you consider them over-powered?

A2. “They are being unfair to the bandits because they’re taking their skills and only making them more powerful.”

Q3. When you think of a Dual Blade, what do you see?

A3. “They just think they’re the best and they’re too cocky.”

Q4. If a Dual Blade were to go PvP with another job with the same attack range and they were both level 200, who would it be and who would win?

A4. “Mechanics, because they can just use Missile Tank and don’t have guard attack while the Dual Blade tries to attack. The Dual Blade fails because of the Mechanic’s high defense.”

Q5. What do you think Nexon should do in order to make Dual Blades fairer to the other jobs?

A5. “Nexon should give them more original attacks so Bandits are used more and so no one thinks that they should make a Dual Blade instead of a Bandit.”

Q6. From your own experience being around many Dual Blades, how do they usually treat you?

A6. “They kill steal and call me a noob. So then I go on my Hermit and kill steal them so they leave.”

Q7. Do you ever plan on making a Dual Blade?

A7. “I have already made one. I felt so powerful compared to everyone else around my level and the skills were very fun.”

Q8. Do you still have him? Why or why not?

A8. “No, because the skill build was complicated and the skill books cost too many mesos.”

Q9. Would you recommend your friends to make a Dual Blade?

A9. “If they have the money to support the character and they don’t be a**holes to everyone, then yes.”

Q10. What job do you think is falling behind?

A10. “Bandits, because of the Dual Blades, no one is making one and they’re not getting anything new.”

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