[2] Scerenity | Windia Community

Here’s the second interview talking all about Windia’s unique community!

Scerentify | Sniper | Windia | GMS

Q1. How long have you been part of the Windia community?

A1. “About four to five years.”

Q2. Do you get involved in special events?

A2. “Depends how I feel, I guess. Sometimes I get lazy or I just don’t bother.”

Q3. Would you consider yourself a “hene-hoe?”

A3. “Not really, some people would say I’m a “hene-hoe” because I look like one or have that “hene-hoe”-inspired look. But honestly, 90% of my time is spent outside of Henesys; and not to mention, I see no fun sitting around and chatting all day.”

Q4. What would you consider a “hene-hoe?”  What is your attitude towards them?

A4. “I think “hene-hoes” are people who love to camp around Henesys and just chat all day about nothing in particular. For my thought towards them, it really depends. Some of the “hene-hoes” are immature little kids, which does kind of irritate me, and I do feel that “hene-hoes” start a lot of Maple drama, which really… ugh, don’t even get me started. And the girls who go around freaking over their “MS BF” sitting with another girl, breaking up with her, and those kinds of things, seriously? I do wonder how old they are. But I do meet quite some nice people from Henesys, and become friends with. So it really depends on the person, not the label.”

Q5. What are your two favorite towns in Maplestory?

A5. “I’m a pretty typical person, I enjoy walks on the beach, wandering around with music on, no idea where I’m going; stargazing and cliché things like that. Which is probably the reason I like Orbis a lot. When I think about Orbis, it gives me that nonchalant feeling that I can’t describe.”

Q6. What town in Maplestory have you had the nicest experience, when it comes to other players?

A6. “I gotta admit, Henesys, because years ago when I played Maplestory, “hene-hoes” were nicer than the ones I typically meet these days. And there would be less Maple drama, and pixels wouldn’t be judged as much.  I would meet people I could hang out with, not only chatting. There people were friendly, and my Maple life grew there.”

Q7. When you first made your account, why did you pick Windia?

A7. “Well, my best friend told me to play Maplestory 4 or 5 years ago, and at that time, I wasn’t that interested, but I decided to give it a try. She bugged me to go to Windia because… well, that’s where she was. So I went to Windia, made friends there, and as time went on, everyone I met in real life that plays Maplestory plays at Windia. Also, the people I met on private servers are also for Windia, except for some. So now I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a mistake choosing Windia as my home world. *aha*”

Q8. Have you ever thought of making a character in another world, even though you would be leaving everything to start over?

A8. “Uh, actually, yes. Sometimes I get really sick of all the BS in Windia, and all the pointless drama that happens, and I did discuss with a friend to move to Khaini. I might actually consider moving to a different world; a less popular world if certain people I really enjoy being with come with me. If they don’t come, I’ll find them here. *haha*”

Q9. What is your current perspective of the Windia community?

A9. “There are more hackers here than in other worlds… Sometimes they’re also known as dupers, etc. There are so many drama queens (intended for guys, too) and immature, arrogant people. If you’re at a popular training map, like Jesters, you can’t train for 2 hours without getting kill-stealed, but I love Windia.”

Q10. If there was one thing about the community in Windia that you would change, what would it be?

A10. “If I could change something in Windia, it would be all the arrogant people. Pretty self-explanatory, no? But to be honest, I don’t really want Windia to change. Everything, the flaws, the beauties, they make Windia what it is today. Yes, I liked old Windia better, but things change, and we learn to move on. I like everything about Windia: the haters, the little kids, just about everything, because that’s what makes Windia, well… Windia.”


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