[3] FlyNeighbor | NX Cash System

Here’s my interview with a good friend of mine. He will tell everyone what he thinks of the NX Cash system in general. Enjoy!

FlyNeighbor | Battle Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. How do you feel about the NX Cash system?

A1. “Well I agree and disagree with it. It’s kind of annoying because it encourages spammers and gives noobs that have no experience the ability to look cool, but it gives Nexon money and helps them improve the game.”

Q2. Did you ever buy NX? How much did you ever spend in total?

A2. “I’ve never spent money on NX, but I have done the surveys to get some. I thought it was okay. All I bought were Gachapon Tickets which are the most popular item in the Cash Shop. All I got was total crap. The only good thing I’ve ever gotten was a mount for 90 days. I think I’ve spent about 50K NX including NX Credit (Surveys) and MS Points (Events). When using free NX, Nexon limits your buying range.”

Q3. How has the community changed ever since the Cash Shop provided more items to benefit their gaming experience?

A3. “Well, back when I was in 4th grade (just starting MS), the game was about getting the coolest-looking equipment and getting to know as much as you could about the game. Now with the new items and NX additions it’s all about end-game stats, who looks the best with all their NX equips (NX whores), and who has all of the mesos. They community is really taking a turn for the worst.”

Q4. How do you feel about the prices for NX Cash?

A4. “I’m okay with them. They’re good prices. Not too cheap to the point where Nexon won’t have enough money to update the game but enough money to give themselves a good standing point.”

Q5. Some people say that having a pre-paid $10 NX Cash card as the lowest price is a bit unfair. What do you think of this?

A5. “I still agree with the Idea of $10 being the lowest. I mean, come on, you’re playing their game for free. The least you can do is donate 10 bucks.”

Q6. This September or October, Nexon will be releasing Karma Koins. Would you prefer the Karma Koin or the original NX Cash card design?

A6. “Karma Koins. Nowadays looks count the best. Karma Koins look epic; therefore, they will sell faster.”

Q7. What effect has NX Cash had on your character and your friends online?

A7. “When using NX mounts and soaring mounts, you usually feel better then everyone; like you’re a higher entity. You feel as if people without NX are lowly and not as good as you.”

Q8. Do you think the Cash Shop or system to buy NX Cash can be improved?

A8. “Yeah, it would be nice if Nexon made quests where you can get 1000 NX for doing 50 quests. It will discourage noobs and encourage people who can’t afford it.”

Q9. If someone offered to gift you three things from the Cash Shop, what would you ask them for?

A9. “I would pick the White Beanie, Hyper Teleport Rock, and a Penguin.

Q10. What do you think is the most useless item in the Cash Shop that you know of?

A10. “Pet MP/HP items are the most useless items in the game.”


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