[4] ‘Anonymous’ | Yellonde Hackers

Ever thought of how hackers act in other worlds?  (If you play in Yellonde, you may already know this!) Here’s how:

 Anonymous | UA Dragon Knight | Yellonde | GMS

Q1. From one to ten, what is the hacker rate in Yellonde?

A1. “I would say it is a 7.”

Q2. Where would you find most of the hackers? Why do you think this?

A2. “They go to LHC so they can find Android (F) recipes, that sell for 100 ~ 300M.”

Q3. In Yellonde, what do the hackers usually do? Do they do pointless hacks such as gliding or auto-vac, or do they use bots for the recipes?

A3. “They do a little of both; they glitch the LHC maps and do bots for recipes to sell. A known hacker, FawkOFF, just hit Lv. 200 and he has another account about to hit Lv. 200.”

Q4. That is a first for me. I never heard any of that in any other worlds. Do you think Nexon is aware of this?

A4. “Yes, Nexon is aware because it is all over the forums. However, they don’t care because he buys $200 or more of NX a month!

Q5. Don’t you consider this to be some sort of bribery between FawkOFF and Nexon? Do the players around you find this unfair or maybe even illegal?

A5. “It is 50/50 right now. Most people say Nexon and FawkOFF are ‘working together’ and some say Nexon doesn’t give a crap. Yes I find this unfair because we work hard for items and he just gets them for nothing.”

Q6. I couldn’t agree more! Something has to be done about this. Are there any other notorious hackers you know of? Maybe even in another world?

A6. “I don’t know about any other worlds, but here in Yellonde I know that iNamMS and iPunchMyDad are notorious hackers. iNamMS hacks accounts and iPunchMyDad hacks accounts and does botting.”

Q7. I’m amazed how these hackers stay active without getting banned long enough to get famous! Have you ever gotten close to getting hacked?

A7. “Well I was on that list of MTS IGN’s and since it has not been resolved yet, I’m still at risk.”

Q8. Can you please explain the “list of MTS IGN’s?”

A8. “About two weeks ago a hacking website posted a list of about 20,000 people with they’re IGN’s and the User ID’s. I was on that list and so were a lot of people from Yellonde. They posted this to the forums and caused lots of attention.”

Q9. What site is this? How can you see if you’re at risk?

A9. “There is a clean list of just the IGN’s on Basil Market.” [The link is provided at the below the interview.]

Q10. Do the hackers interrupt your gameplay? What do you think Nexon should do to improve/prevent hackers from getting this successful?

A10. “Yes, they interrupt the gameplay because you can’t train at LHC or hunt the recipes! I think Nexon can make the HackShield better like in KMS. KMS almost never has attacks. I don’t know what they do, but they are better protected.”

Here’s the link to the list with all the players at risk: 


Tip: Instead of looking for your IGN in this incredibly long list, press Ctrl + F and type in your name.


7 thoughts on “[4] ‘Anonymous’ | Yellonde Hackers

  1. You have too much time, Go find a hack and use it, because it’s free, nexon ain’t gonna help you or do s***, it’s just the way it works, and your talking about not being able to hunt recipe at Lhc? there’s tons of other CC, and i bet you train in one of those glitch CC every chance you got bud. Go find something better to do cause no one is gonna give a shizz..

  2. What about Gabe and Rajan?
    They botted and sold the “Viarno”, Some people claim he was one of the strongest in Yello.
    They also bot mages to farm meso for them.

    Here is a list of Rajan’s characters, Get him banned!

  3. It’s oepr, and he sold that ign lmao.
    FawkOFF doesn’t buy nx from stores or paypal either, lol
    Learn your yellonde

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