[5] minun003 | Chaos Patch (PvP & Professions)

The Chaos Patch was an important part of the Maple world. This interview will be about minun003’s view on the PvP and Profession release!

minun003 | Fire/Poison Mage | Bera | GMS

Q1. Why did you choose this topic?

A1. “I chose this topic because it’s the most recent update in MapleStory.  It’s really interesting because of crafting, PvP, and Future Henesys.”

Q2. Before the Chaos patch was released, what did you expect of it?

A2. “I expected Nexon to allow us to practice all 5 professions, and add a PvP server to MapleStory.”

Q3. What profession are you currently mastering? Why did you pick this one instead of the others?

A3. “I am currently mastering Mining because it’s easy to master, and is profitable because a lot of Maplers are buying plates and jewels for 300k-1mil”

Q4. What professions give you the most aid while playing?

A4. “I would say accessory crafting because the accessories have a chance to give Hidden Potential, which can aid my character in training.”

Q5. What’s the most useless thing in the entire profession system that you think should be removed?

A5. “I think Androids should be removed, because they are useless, require a lot of maintenance (replacing the heart every 2 weeks), and the Smithing level requirement is too high.”

Q6. When the PvP (Player Versus Player) feature was released, what mode did you pick first? How was your first experience there?

A6. “I picked Team Match because it was an easy way to get points (you have players helping you defeat opponents).  I didn’t like it because Nexon made Fire/Poison mages weaker, plus the Battle Mages and anyone in the Thief class was getting an unfair advantage.”

Q7. The Gallants we receive as rewards are sometimes required for making rare armors. What is the significance of these rewards towards some recipes and/or the skill growth of the players?

A7. “It depends on your class and profession if you’re redeeming recipes and mastery books.  But I think the Larson Challenger set has significance if you’re planning to use PvP as a training spot (PvP attack bonuses).”

Q8. Battle Square seems to be getting more and more deserted by the day in Windia. How is it there in Bera?

A8. “There’s an average amount of players in Battle Square, plus some spammers advertising meso selling websites”

Q9. I have heard many players saying that the PvP Rank is useless. Do you know anything about this?

A9. “Yes, I remember that event when you have to reach Rank 9, and go to your job instructor for a prize, but it’s just plain useless”

Q10. I have never seen anyone with a rank below 9. Do you think this is another meaningless Chaos feature that should have been removed?

A10. “Yes, this feature should be removed; I don’t know why Nexon would put it in.”


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