[6] melanie094 | Perfect Attendance Event

During this interview, I learned a few things about the errors Nexon makes during and after events! 🙂

 melanie094 | Chief Bandit | Windia | GMS

Q1. Why did you participate in the Perfect Attendance Event?

A1. “Because I wanted 10K NX and I don’t spend my money on pixels, which is why I count on these things.”

Q2. Can you please tell me a bit about this event?

A2. “Well basically, you log in for an hour each day from September 5th to the 11th and 12th and 18th. Every week that you complete, you get 5K Maple Points, and the Maple Points are distributed during a server check each week.”

Q3. Oh, I didn’t really know when it was handed out, but did you complete both weeks? Did you receive the reward Nexon had promised?

A3. “Yes and no. I made sure I stayed on for an extra hour or so every day, but I didn’t receive anything yet. Some people did, and some people didn’t. Apparently, Hime made a mistake while distributing or something.”

Q4. Who is Hime? Does Nexon know of the error he/she has made? Are they going to do anything at all to give everyone who participated what they deserved?

A4. “Hime is a Game Master, and I’m not sure if Nexon knows. It’s not completely Hime’s fault. And I really doubt they’ll do anything. They’re probably just gonna shrug it off.”

Q5. Errors within and after an event are unfortunately extremely common. Is this the first time you encountered an error with an event?

A5. “Hmmm.. I think so, yeah. I don’t recall doing many events like this.”

Q6. Did you receive Maple Points at all? I only completed the first week, so I only got 5K Maple Points. Who else do you know has had this problem?

A6. “No, I didn’t. I’ve done both weeks, and nothing. Uhh, one of my friends didn’t receive anything either, and the forums, a lot of people are complaining about it. *haha* Oh yes, xVampiree didn’t get any either.”

Q7. From what I’ve heard, very few people have actually gotten their Maple Points. Have you ever thought of submitting a ticket to Nexon telling them what’s happened?

A7. “Nah, they’re probably getting bombarded with tickets. *haha* If I don’t get it the Maple Points from the second week either, then I’ll submit a ticket, but it’s pointless since Nexon has a crappy customer service system.”

Q8. From your experience with this event, what is now your impression of Nexon and the events, both in general?

A8. “Well, now.. I don’t think I’ll count on these events for NX. Back to the surveys it is.. But so far, this is the only problem I’ve encountered. Let’s see what happens to the next event.”

Q9. For anyone who’s reading this interview and has had the same problem, what would you tell them the best course of action to be?

A9. “Um.. Submit a ticket.. Although, it’s not gonna get answered! Well, at this point, there’s not much to be done.”

Q10. Everything you’ve told me about it has been something new to me. Is there anything else you would like to advise me or the readers?



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