[7] leafgreen157 | Dragon Knights & Ascension

Hey guys! Sorry for making this interview a few hours late. If you may have or have not known, I am a Dark Knight and I would love to share what my other DK friends have to say about our incredible job. Keep in mind that this blog is all about opinions, so if you have a comment about it, post it below. ENJOY! 🙂

leafgreen157 | Dragon Knight | Windia | GMS

Q1. I was also once a Dragon Knight (currently Dark Knight) and there was always a sense of pride in our job that incentivized us to play. Do you have what we call “DK Pride?”

A1. “I have ‘DK Pride’. I love showing off my skills to new Swordsman so they can have the inspiration to become a DK.”

Q2. Would you say that Spearmen, Dragon Knights, and Dark Knights are the best jobs in the game? Why or why not?

A2. “Yes! We can always boost our party’s stats when they need it and we get the Ascension revamp. Also, we have very high damage and good mobbing capabilities.”

Q3. Our job can equip both spears and pole arms. Some say that spears are normally slow but strong, and pole arms are a little faster but weaker. Which weapon do you prefer? Do you think this is true?

A3. “I like spears over pole arms because I was taught that spears were actually faster than pole arms. No, that is not true to me anymore because pole arms and spears have the identical speeds. Some have the exact speed, [depending on what weapon you’re using]. Therefore, they are just two different weapons.”

Q4. If an Aran and a Dragon Knight with the same defense and attack range went head-to-head, which do you think would win?

A4. “Aran would probably win, because of their fast attacks, and their Combo ability increases their Weapon Attack with more hits. We don’t do multiple damages every time. We are more about the power in every hit. Also, a Spearman is a supportive class.”

Q5. When Ascension is released in a couple days, do you think our DPS (Damage Per Second) will be increased to the point where we would lose the reputation of being “powerful but slow?”

A5. “Yes, because we can finally hit more times and the skill [Dark Impale] is flashy enough itself, so that it would probably trick people into thinking it is fast.”

Q6. What is your thought towards the Dark Knight new main skill being Dark Impale instead of Dragon Buster/Fury?

A6. “Well, I think Dark Impale is better because the skill name pretty much fits the [job] name. Besides, Dark Knights are higher leveled, so they deserve a more rewarding skill.”

Q7. Do you think Nexon did a great job at finally balancing out DK’s with most of the other classes? Why or why not?

A7. “Yes, Nexon is doing a good job so far, because now we get a faster attack. We can now be compared to thieves and other fast classes. We also get more power, which will take us up to go against our rival, the Crusaders/Heroes.”

Q8. How would you react if they modify how all the skills look like after Ascension?

A8. “If they changed how all skills looked, I would be very disappointed. First, because I’ve been playing for five years, so I have gotten used to having the old graphics. Second is because I always looked up to Tiger, so it’s always been my dream to have Dragon Buster look exactly how Tiger had it.

Q9. Because they are taking away the percent bonus (per party member) in LHC, do you think Spiegalmann’s Monster Park will be better?

A9. “I hope it will be better, because I’ve heard people saying that LHC was the fastest way for them to level. I’ve also heard that we’ll get good EXP from the Spiegalmann Park and some rare items.”

Q10.  Is it expensive to create a DK? Would you recommend any of your friends to make one?

A10. “YES! I would definitely recommend them to make one. They can Level Up fast and make a lot of friends by supporting them with their skills! To me, DK’s are not expensive because I always find drops and get friends to give me weapons, but if they don’t have friends like that, then it might be expensive. I would then recommend them to learn to make their own armor and weapons.”

If anyone is wondering who Tiger is, he was one of the few Legendary pioneers of GMS. He was also a Dragon Knight and competed with curryishott and Fangblade to Rank 1 many years ago. Sadly, one day had mysteriously vanished from the rankings, including the Maple world itself, and was never seen again!

Want to learn more about the Warrior (including DK) revamp in Ascension?      

Click here to go to Spadow’s blog to learn about all the new upgrades the patch will bring: 

http://spadow.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/kmst-v375-monster-park-warrior-class- restructuring/


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