[8] JimmyMech | Maple Community (In General)

Here’s is a simple, right-to-the-point interview with JimmyMech about what he thinks of the Maple community!

JimmyMech | Mechanic | Demethos | GMS

Q1. What are all the worlds you’ve played in?

A1. “I started out in Demethos back in late 2008.  I don’t know what compelled me to play there, but I saw the skull and fairly low population, and thought “Why not?” I have also played a small amount in Broa, or Bera, I get them confused sometimes.”

Q2. Of all those worlds, which have you had the best experience?

A2. “Due to the short time in Broa, I would have to say Demethos. The small population really helped me learn who everyone was and the majority of the community was friendly, as I have met some amazing people there.”

Q3. From 1 to 10, how would you rate how people have treated or still treat you in the game?

A3. “In Demethos, I would say a 9. I have built up a good reputation in my 3 years of playing in one world. Most treat me with respect, considering I’m a higher level, and my face is fairly known around Demethos, but there are always a few “bad eggs” that don’t treat anyone with respect.”

Q4. Out of all the three years of playing Maplestory, have you ever encountered any small disappointments in Demethos?

A4. “With gaming, there come disappointments. I have come across a few small ones. The rollbacks, failed scrolls, money wasted on stupid things. Nothing serious though. I have been lucky to find an amazing maple wife; our marriage is three-years strong and I have had the pleasure of never being hacked.”

Q5. What is a major disappointment and accomplishment (excluding surviving the risk of getting hacked) you’ve went through?

A5. “As I said earlier, I have never really had any major disappointments in Demethos. But a major accomplishment would be reaching 120 on my Mechanic. The community of Demethos really played a part there. I have to thank everyone that grinded with me those 3 days from 110-120.”

Q6. Have you ever planned on going deeper into the “Maple community,” as in doing something to contribute to Nexon in any way, or helping any newcomers?

A6. “We need to go deeper… Yes I have! I have gone out on hacker-catching expeditions with some friends of mine, and I report hackings directly through the ticket system. I always help newcomers to the game, if they ask politely.”

Q7. Since you play mostly in Demethos, a less popular server, have people ever suggested you to play in a more populated one such as Scania or Windia?

A7. “The idea has been coined a few times. People complain about the population of the server a good amount [a lot]. I personally have no problem with it. It’s easy to find training spots, the economy is decent, and everyone’s nice! 😀 I also couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Demethos; I’ve had too many adventures there to just leave.”

Q8. Was there ever a case in Demethos where all the players inside were at risk of some type of serious threat or maybe anything related to a severe risk?

A8. “The only thing I can think of was a recent hacking plot, by God who knows, that put all the Maplers at a high risk though. There has never been a hacking that targeted Demethos alone. [It happened] Most likely to the low population.”

Q9. If there was one thing you could change about the Maple community, what would it be?

A9. “The lack of reason and rationality. Most people that play the game are young, uneducated, and ignorant. I believe if we take those people and push them off a cliff, it would be for the better. :)”

Q10. If something happened that made you give up Maplestory, like in your personal life, would you play in a different server?

A10. “My personal life, in my opinion, should never cross over into my gaming life. In certain areas like friendship, yes, but in general, no. I have been taking a long break from the game due to school and lack of interest, mostly due to the hackers. So in conclusion, no, I would stay in Demethos.”


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