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Today, Ascension is being released. But it is also the end of Tespia. Most Maplers don’t even have a clue what it is. Do you know what it is? Continue reading to test your knowledge! 🙂


TimbervvoIf | Corsair | Demethos GMS

Q1. In five words, how would you describe Tespia?

A1. “MapleStory Content Testing on Steroids.”

Q2. Have you ever had access to Tespia?

A2. “Yes, when Tespia was first announced by the Maple team, I wasn’t invited at that point, although was promptly added before the next Tespia session, to help out.”

Q3. How do you access it? Once you download it, what happens and what do you do from there?

A3. “You can check if you have been invited by logging into to your Nexon account, then accessing http://maplestoryt.nexon.net. If you are sent back to the main site; your account has not been invited, although if you have, you will be presented with the Tespia site. You can download Tespia by clicking on ‘Download’ in the left sidebar, and usually will take approx. 30 minutes to an hour to download. Once you’ve downloaded it, open it up, and it will install Tespia on your computer. Once it’s been installed, head back to the Tespia site, and click ‘Enter Tespia’, and MapleStory will open up promptly. (:”

Q4. Once you start playing the game, are there any instructions given to help you while you’re there? Do you start just like you do when you create a new character? (Getting to choose class, IGN, appearance, etc.)

A4. “At first glance Tespia is almost identical to the main game. Tespia is meant to mirror how MapleStory reacts if the update was live. If you are a new member of Tespia, you can create a character as normal, select its appearance and class, and start your adventure. You will have to progress through the character’s storyline as normal, until you’ve reached a town. Cody, that friendly NPC that always is there for you offers options for the game, such as getting Mesos (1mil at a time), leveling up, job advancements, and obtaining Reverse items. There are usually no instructions in regard to what content / update you’re testing, although have fun, talk to other Tespians, and explore. :)”

Q5. Since Tespia does not last forever and it takes quite some time to level up, how do people get to high levels to test the upcoming features?

A5. “Depending on the update, Tespia usually ranges from a couple days to a week. To level quickly, you can visit Cody, and select ‘I want to Level Up!’ to instantly gain a level. Many players will place the hotkey ‘NPC Chat’ on Y, which will auto-accept Cody’s dialogs, and speed up leveling. With the Ascension update, Monster Park has different maps depending on your Level, so try to slowly level, and try out what this amazing update has to offer! Heads up: Remember that once you’ve leveled, it is impossible to go back to a lower level, unless you recreate your character

Q6. How many characters can you create and how long do you have until they close Tespia down?

A6. “You can have a max of three characters per account, and depending on the update, Tespia is usually taken down a day or two before the planned release date of the update. The Ascension update is planned for September 28, so Tespia will likely conclude on the 26-27th.”

Q7. Do you think it should be available to all players?

A7. “I’ve always personally felt that Tespia should be offered to very few players, and those who will actually participate in the testing. The main purpose of Tespia is to try out new updates and concepts, and to fix any issues or concerns before the update is released to everyone. There are very few Maplers that actually do this, and report bugs or issues to Nexon, which means possible bugs or exploits carrying over to the main server. Tespia is really fun, and awesome to be able to experience major updates before everyone else, although remember to do *your part, and help out’

Q8. I couldn’t agree more! What things are you grateful for because of Tespia?                  

A8. “I’m grateful that we’re given a sneak peak of updates, and can play around with them before everyone else. Ohh, and it’s also awesome for bloggers for gaining viewers by showcasing Tespia ;] I’m also grateful that many of my best friends from both Demethos and from Twitter were invited, so we can all play together on the same world. <3”

Q9. Do you see the server as something fair to every player in GMS?

A9. “One great thing about Tespia is that it’s exactly the same as if it was normal MapleStory, so any player that has played before will have no trouble getting used to Tespia. All accounts that currently have access to Tespia were required to have: 1) No abuse history. 2) The account had to have been over a year old. 3) A character over Level 70. There requirements help separate new players, and makes the Tespia experience more effective by only inviting those who have a general understanding of the game. If more players are added, it will be stated on the main site when Tespia opens.”

Q10. If you had the power to do so, what big changes would you make to Tespia?

A10. “I would add an almost ‘forum’ like UI to the game, which would allow Tespians to collaborate about events in the game, as well as sharing bugs and issues that they’ve found. I would also add a notification of all content that is being tested, and be able to check off what you’ve tried. (;”

Extra Info Provided by Timberwolf:

Find out about the Tespia extractions at the Southperry website:


Want to make sure you’re on the right Tespia website? Here’s a picture of it at the Henesys Signpost (Timberwolf’s blog!):


Get a brief description of the Ascension updates at the Maplestory official website:


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