[10] Cataquack | Special Beauty Coupons

I’m sure you’ve used one and I have no doubt you’ve heard about them! What am I talking about exactly? Why, the Special Beauty Coupons, of course! If you haven’t used one yet, keep reading for some advice and this player’s opinion about it!


Cataquack | Spearman | Windia | GMS

Q1. What do you think about Ascension since the release?

A1. “Well, I had thought that it would make Maple a lot worse, mainly because of the new experience and drop system.  However, the patch was a lot better than I thought it would be, and the new PQ’s are pretty enjoyable. I don’t really like how they changed [the] Ludibrium PQ, but it’s easier, at least. Overall, I’d say it’s an above-average patch.”

Q2. What seems to be the update’s biggest trend are the Special Beauty Coupons. Do you think they are helpful?

A2. “The envelope event is great. It’s nice to have the ability to change your features without having to spend NX Cash, and it’s always interesting to see what you get from them.”

Q3. Have you used a coupon yet? What were the results?

A3. “I’ve used probably over twenty coupons as of now, and have finally found a result that I am happy with. I ended up with a purple ‘Alex’ hairstyle, which, incidentally, I had always wanted due to it resembling the hairstyle of a character named Lucas from one of my favorite video game called Mother 3. Aside from that, I also ended up with purple eyes and blue skin which matches somewhat. I would’ve preferred a different color scheme, but I’m very content with just being able to have the hairstyle that I wanted for so long.”

Q4. Personally, I find these coupons hilarious and the best thing to happen in Ascension! What is your view on everyone flooding all the maps in Windia to find coupons?

A4. “I agree with that. The envelope is one of the best events that Nexon has incorporated into GMS in a while and it’s fun to see what appearances others get from using the envelopes. My friends and I would save a bunch of them up and use them all together when we met up. We’ve had some pretty good laughs over each other’s features. *Haha* Actually, this event is one of the main reasons they started playing again! Well, [it was also because I was] wanting to go back to their ‘home server:’ Windia.”

Q5. That’s a good idea! Will you continue using the coupons, even though you may have found the one you truly want? Will you use it on your other characters? (If you have any others.)

A5. “Nah, I’m pretty satisfied with my current appearance and I wouldn’t want to take a chance in ending up with a look that I don’t like. I would use the envelopes on other characters if I decided to start playing [on] another one during the event. I’m not very fond of the starting appearances, honestly. I used to be a fan of the Metro hair but it lost its charm after so long.”

Q6. Me too! It’s become so much more popular after the Big Bang patch. Anyway, there is a great amount of players finding it unfair that they spent thousands of NX Cash changing their appearances, while others are achieving the same thing for free and easier. Do you find this fair? Why or why not?

A6. “Well, there are two types of players in this game: people who spend money on NX [Cash], and those who do not. You have to look at the issue from the perspective of both parties. The players who spend money on NX [Cash] to get specific appearances will feel that this is unfair due to others being able to get the same thing that they used NX [Cash] on for free. As for the players who do not use NX [Cash], they would most likely welcome this change, as it would be more “content” for them that they wouldn’t have to pay in order to enjoy [the game]. As for myself, I admit spending money on NX [Cash], but that was years ago. However, I mainly feel apathetic to the whole ordeal. This is mainly due to the fact that I do not purchase NX [Cash] anymore. Although I can understand why some would feel that this is ‘unfair.’”

Q7. This is only part of an event and will soon be over. Do you think this should be permanent?

A7. “I would love if this event stayed permanent. However, Nexon is a business and like any other business, they enjoy making money. So something like this would never last, sadly.”

Q8. Do you think the coupons should be modified to give you a random look for only one part of your character? (ex: face, eye color, hair, etc.)

A8. “I would enjoy having separate envelopes that only changed a specific feature, but it sort of defeats the purpose of getting a completely random look. Nonetheless, I’ll stick with yes.”

Q9. How about the drop rate? So it’s a more fair, do you think Nexon should have decreased the drop rate of the coupons?

A9. “I think that the drop rate for the envelopes is perfect, actually. Sometimes I can go a few levels only finding about two or three, while other times I can find ten or more in a matter of two levels. It’s inconsistent, but it’s fine with me.”

Q10. The final question will be for the readers! Do you have any suggestions or advice to people who are anxious to use a coupon?

A10. “Well, I have had a handful of experiences with the envelopes, and it’s taught me a lesson that I will not soon forget. So listen and you forget. Be true to yourself. Don’t miss your chance and you won’t end up like the fool who lost his chance.”

I found a picture of Lucas from Mother 3 for you guys if you didn’t know how he looked like!

Here he is:

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