[11] Medichi | EXP Rates After Patches (Socialization-Based)

This is a fairly long interview, but it’s definitely worth reading!

Medichi | Dark Knight | Windia | GMS

Q1. Which update provided you with the EXP best rate: Big Bang, Chaos, or Ascension? Are you satisfied with the current EXP rate?

A1. “Since I wasn’t here for Big Bang, I came back to Maple a week after Chaos. Oh man did I love the EXP in Chaos. Prior to Big Bang when the Temple of Time came, the EXP wasn’t satisfactory at all [to the point] where you would spend hours at Newties, Skelegons, etc. and the only time that was best would be during 2x [EXP and Drop] events Nexon held. Here, if you were lucky, you’d get maybe 10% to 15% an hour. Now that the addition of LHC and Stronghold has come up, since my return I found several friends who were only 40 levels or so under me and were level 13X quickly, which is just as proof of how effective the updates was for classes ranging from… well, [level] 130 and up. I’m only speaking from a personal experience and what I’ve observed is that these additions are adequate, yet it’s the general public that no matter what version of MS; EMS, BMS, GMS, KMS, etc., it’s moving more towards bigger, badder, and better just for instant gratification of making leveling easier. ”

Q2. From one to ten, how much did the EXP rates change after Big Bang?

A2. “If I cared enough to look into the numbers I would, but I’m not a mathematical person, so I’ll go another route. Before I left, pre-Big Bang, the rate which the EXP was gained was constant. The only bonuses were from 2x [EXP] cards and 2x [EXP and Drop] events, depending on whether Nexon wanted them to be able to stack or not. After Big Bang into Chaos, I discovered there was something called [a] party bonus. The more people you have in a party, the more bonus EXP, of course. [Hence,] full party [equals] good job. From pre-Big Bang to entering Chaos, I’d give it a 7.  ”

Q3. Do you think players changed socially after Big Bang?

A3. “Players seem more open after Big Bang. I’m a socially open person, but even before Big Bang, if someone was [a] high level and had a reputation, it shouldn’t have stopped people from trying to socialize. But that was a bit off a wall to overlook. After Big Bang you can run into anyone that’s around your level range. Now level shouldn’t determine whether you’re allowed to talk to people or not, but it seems to have improved since everyone’s around your level. You have benefits going from PQ, to bossing, and to grinding at whatever. It leaves less people to be excluded from opportunities such as those mentioned. The less people excluded [from others], the more people to meet!”

Q4. Do you think Nexon should stop fiddling with the EXP rates?

A4. “I’ll bite the bullet and say no. Nexon can change it however they want, for the good or bad, mostly because it’s still a game. People see Maplestory as something leisurely and socializing and then [other] people see it being full of formulas they can plug in, manipulate, etc. It gives something for you to adapt to if the EXP rate changes. I don’t see any fun in keeping a static EXP rate. It may be easier, sure, but that just goes back to my point of people being eager for self-gratifications rather than being patient.”

Q5. Has anything EXP-based changed after Ascension?

A5. “From what I’ve noticed, the EXP changes haven’t affected me as a player. The EXP changes were mainly targeted to hackers and farmers to the side of maps”

Q6. What new party quests has Ascension provided?

A6. “[They have] convenient ones. You’ve got Monster Park, Escape, and Kenta’s PQ. I haven’t had the time to try out Monster Park yet, sadly, but these PQ’s are great alternatives to the type of person who doesn’t or can’t grind whether they don’t want to or because of time and priority restraints. “

Q7. Now that some things are changed, where do you train as a level 167?

A7. “I have many alternatives other than grinding now, and that’s a good thing. I go to LHC’s Bearwolves if I can. Crockies are still good since they can die so much faster now that I have Dark Impale! If I wanted to, I could go to Stronghold. I can go to both LHC and Stronghold, but mostly if I want to give in a good hour or two  grinding with the Family EXP bonus on if I don’t have a card/event on.”

Q8. Is Kenta’s party quest worth it? How much EXP do you get every time you finish one?

A8. “So much. I love Kenta’s PQ. Since the PQ mobs are based on the average levels of the party, it shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s still nice to gain that EXP from higher mobs. Usually I come out of that PQ with around 1.1% to 1.8% EXP, but the PQ limit is 10 times per day. This adds up over time if you have other priorities or don’t have enough time like I do.”

Q9. Wow! I get 4% from it. I’m so grateful for these new party quests! Do you know or remember any other useful features Ascension has brought?

A9. “Other than my so freaking awesome Dark Impale, I’ve yet to feel the torture of Advanced Blessing. From what I’ve heard, you can gain around 1K to your range with that. Also, as much as I don’t like it, they fixed Von Leon, but that’s for personal reasons. I’m sure other people are a bit bummed too since they can’t take advantage of his no-attack back . [he is vulnerable when attacked from behind]”

Q10. What is some other important information you would like to provide to the readers?

A10. “Hmm… I don’t want to sound too negative, but I don’t expect too much from Nexon. It’s good to have hopes, but make them reasonable.”


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