[12] WTFFTWLOL | Maplestory Experience

Here’s one of my simplest interviews yet! WTFFTWLOL explains some of his experiences, good and bad, in Maplestory!

WTFFTWLOL | Dawn Warrior | Windia | GMS

Q1. Have you ever played any other MMORPG’s before playing Maplestory?

A1. “Well, no, not really. Maybe a bit of some games but I don’t really what their names were.”

Q2. What year did you start playing Maplestory?

A2. “I started playing Maplestory at around 2008 or so. I’m not entirely sure, but I remember it was when I was in [the] 4th or 5th grade. So, actually [I started playing] around 2006 to 2007, but the thing is that I’m always on and off this game from as little as a few weeks to as much as a year or two.”

Q3. Wow, you miss a lot for stopping for two years! How did you find out about the game?

A3. “I found out about this from a good friend of mine from elementary school named Vincent. I went to his house one day to hang out and this was [also] when he had just found out about the game. So, he ended up showing me it and I started playing too on my very first account.”

Q4. From one to ten, how addicted (if you are) are you to Maplestory?

A4. “Hmm.. On a scale from one to ten I’d say about a four. It’s not all that of an interesting game to me in my opinion. I really just play for fun. When I have absolutely nothing else to do, I play this.”

Q5. What are some characteristics do you have that make you unique and help you around the game?

A5. “Honestly, I don’t think many of my characteristics help me in Maplestory. I really just think of this game as walking around, attacking weird-looking monsters, and talking to people.”

Q6. What is the worst and best experience you’ve had while playing?

A6. “The worst in-game experience that I’ve ever had was when a person scammed me into dropping all of my stuff. I didn’t know anything about scams during the time so I just went along with what he said. The best experiences were that I got to meet a few people that I know in real life since they go or went to the same school as I did. I would’ve never found out about some of the people that I met at my school if it wasn’t for this game. “

Q7. How satisfied are you with the community?

A7. ”At times, I’m pretty satisfied talking with others on here due to their kindness and generosity. Other times, it can get pretty annoying when I see people think that they’re all that in a computer game.”

Q8. I couldn’t a agree more! How did you get to know everything you do from the second you started to play to this very moment?

A8. “I mainly got to know everything that I do because of good internet buddies and experience.”

Q9.  If there were three things you had the power to change or improve in the game, what would they be and why?

A9. “I would probably increase the game’s security system, enable more abilities to make the game more exciting, and help prevent scams in and out of the game. That’s what I would like to be done. It would probably be everyone’s best interest [if done so].”

Q10. When do you think you will stop playing Maplestory? Why do you think this?

A10. “I honestly have absolutely no idea when I would stop. The point in my life where I most likely will stop is once I become a junior or senior in high school, graduate, head off to college, or simply stop wanting to play. ”


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