[13] Jarmom | Life as a Lightning/Ice Magician

Ever wonder how it must be like playing a a Lightning/Ice Magician? Jarmom will tell you exactly how! No pun intended, if you know what I mean. 

Jarmom | Ice/Lightning Arch Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. When you first started playing, what character did you first pick? Why did you pick to be a magician?

A1. “The first time I started playing was back in 2005, and I chose mage, but I never got past level 8. So, I made an assassin, only to realize that my true passion was with mages three months before Big Bang.

Q2. What made you realize that your passion was with the mages? Is there anything in specific?

A2. “Indeed there is, Sir Interviewer. I’ve always loved magic in games. I love fantasy and the Harry Potter series is what made me remake my mage. I never decided on a second job until I saw the video of Razru. He became my inspiration for being an Ice/Lightning [mage] and led me all the way through it.”

Q3. What was the reason for you quitting your first mage?

A3. “It all started with my brother and I. I was a level 8 mage and he was a level 51 Cleric. He told me about a far off, magical land called El Nath. So I asked him to take me there so I could kill Zakum. (I was only 9 at the time.) He agreed to take me down [the] Orbis tower, healing me as I went. When we finally got to El Nath, he abandoned me. [Being] trapped forever in a snowy wasteland, I deleted my first mage.”

Q4. *LOL* Who is Razru and what did he do to inspire you to create an Ice/Lightning?

A4. “Razru is a level 200 Ice/Lightning mage, who’s account I found on YouTube. I was searching along for inspiration on which class looked like the most fun as a mage. His channel was full of his mages’ stories, but they made me realize how awesome Ice/Lightning mages were! From the 3rd job up, I saw excitement. I realized that this branch of magic would be the attacker and that is what I wanted. I couldn’t be support and I am so glad I found him, because he has changed my Maple life.” [I included the video below the interview!]

Q5. Do you think Ice/Lightning magicians are more powerful than Fire/Poison?

A5. “That… is a tough question. Honestly, I haven’t even compared the both of their damage, since before Big Bang, but since we have Elemental Decrease, it’s a matter of equips and funding. I’m purely from scratch and could be beat by a well-funded Bishop, sadly, but they’re probably equal if you give them the same equips and such. [I] still prefer to think that Ice/Lightning is stronger! *haha*”

Q6. Which do you think looks the best: magicians with staves or magicians with wands?

A6. “It really depends on which staff it is. For example, I prefer staves for Elementals, but for lower level [weapons] I prefer wands. My end-game weapon is my beloved Dragon Staff, because Dragon Wands look too short and stubby. So, I would have to say staves. “

Q7. How long did it take you to get your I/L magician from level 30 to level 70? Would you consider this a long time?

A7. ”Well, considering there were two months between me getting to level 30 and then starting to play again, it was quite easy for the first 25 levels, because it wasn’t as repetitive anymore. By the time I got to around 60, it started to really get hard to continue because I didn’t have a buddy, guild, or anyone for that matter to play with me. I stopped playing for around 5 months, but then I got my cousin to play his Corsair with me and the next seven levels were ups and downs. Not only that, but I also joined my guild, Nyuusuu, and got my other cousin to play on his Night Walker.  It was worth it in the end. It probably took me about three weeks, but because I stopped playing Maplestory, [it took] approximately five months.”

Q8. Is the equipment for a level 100, for example, expensive?  (Clean equipment)

A8. “For a mage, clean equipment isn’t hard to find. I got most of mine from drops on monsters that I was training at. Even if it doesn’t drop for you, it usually sells for less than 1M, whatever it is, even some weapons! The only expensive things about mages are all the MP pots you have to buy. [For example, I have to pay] 1.5M for a repot in NLC! Preposterous! Staves are 4M and up for each and wands are 1M to 3M, but since it’s not clean equipment anymore, just don’t think about it. It’ll make more sense this way.”

Q9. Would you recommend new players to choose to become an Ice/Lightning magician? Why or why not?

A9. “I would definitely recommend an Ice/Lightning as a first-choice class. They’re a strong moving class and they’re great with mobility. They’re really flashy. Have you seen the new Ice Strike animation? Just make sure you’re careful with your pot usage. It can lead to the end of your mesos!”

Q10. Do you think you will ever give up you Ice/Lightning for a Fire/Poison or another job or class?

A10. I will never sacrifice my Ice/Lightning for a Fire/Poison or any other class for that matter, but I do plan on getting my Bandit to a Shadower in the near future! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some funding for that. I’m going to be making a bandit, the most expensive class to get equips and such. So, going from needing no money to needing all of it won’t be easy to getting used to. (It will become my second main). Yeah, my Ice/Lightning will always be my main [until] level 200 [maybe] or I’ll just become a ‘hene-hoe.’”

Here’s the link to Razru’s video about Ice/Lightning mages on YouTube:


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