[14] TTGHime | All Updates In One

Whoa! Big Bang, Chaos, and Ascension? Yup, that’s right! This kind sir explains most of what he thinks of the the recent and previous major updates in Maplestory!

TTGHime | Wild Hunter | Broa | GMS

Q1. What is your favorite major update out of these three: Big Bang, Chaos, or Ascension? Why is it your favorite?

A1. “I really did like Ascension, because I felt before Ascension that warriors, mages, and rangers didn’t have enough love being the first classes. I think that Ascension really changed that and allowed them to grow more.”

Q2. What do you think is the best update in Big Bang? Has it benefitted you in any way?

A2. “I think that the best update in Big Bang were the entrances of [the] Wild Hunter and Battle Mage because it gave me a chance to try new classes and I wouldn’t have a level 40 Wild Hunter without it.”

Q3. What is your opinion on the whole change with EXP rates and easier leveling from Big Bang?

A3. “My opinion is that it gave people that have trouble with leveling a chance to shine. It used to take me one week of pure killing to get from level 20 to 40.”

Q4. Why do you think Nexon suddenly decided to make leveling a whole lot easier for the players?

A4. “Personally, I don’t know why, but if I were in their shoes, I think they would give the people that had trouble leveling a chance.”

Q5. Did Chaos do you good in any way whatsoever? How did it help you?

A5. “Chaos did not benefit me at all. I don’t get why they had to revamp the Hero classes and make PvP. To me, those ruined the game because it just takes the fun out of killing like old times.”

Q6. After the Chaos update, most classes were revamped, but sadly, some were nerfed, such as the Mechanic. Do you think the ones getting nerfed were right to complain?

A6. “I do not think the classes getting nerfed get to complain because you could be very powerful, but if they nerf your class then you aren’t being close to being as strong.”

Q7. For the jobs that got revamped in Ascension, which ones deserved it the most?

A7. “I think that the bowmen deserved the revamp the most. For reasons such as they did not have as many skills and classes like mages and thieves. Thieves and mages definitely have enough skills. [Thieves aren’t included  in the Ascension revamps, it was only magicians, bowmen, and warriors.]”

Q8. As for Ascension, as you implied, warriors, magicians, and archers were revamped. As for myself being a Dark Knight, I was awarded with the new skill, Dark Impale. There are many other new skills that Nexon awarded to the other Adventurers. What job were you impressed with the most, when watching their new skill(s)?

A8. “Well, I was mostly impressed with the archer skills such as Archery Mastery which makes you very strong. Also, archers get the new skills earlier than the Dark Knight getting Dark Impale.”

Q9. Were you impressed with all the new PQ’s, revamps, etc. that Nexon brought via Ascension?

A9. “I was very impressed with the revamps. I wasn’t very happy how they moved some of the party quests around like Moon Bunny to get to 20. On the other hand I am very happy that they made Dimensional Crack to level 20. I wasn’t very impressed with the Monster Park and I do not understand why it takes so many hits to kill a golem.”

Q10. Do you hope that the next anticipating update, Legends, will make you as content as Ascension did? There are constantly new jobs and classes being released with these updates. Do you think we will eventually stop getting these new jobs and/or classes?

A10. “I do think that Legends will make me content. With all the videos, pictures, and skills I’ve seen, I think I will be most impressed with Mercedes. I do not think after Legends we will stop getting new classes. For about two years [we won’t,] but then Nexon will eventually come out with new classes, hopefully.”

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