[15] mzfuzzybunny | Permanent Beginners

Ever hear of a “perma,” or permanent Beginner? This will tell you what it’s like to be one, it’s advantages, and it’s disadvantages. Enjoy. 🙂

mzfuzzybunny | Beginner | Broa | GMS

Q1. What gave you the idea of being a “perma”, or a player who doesn’t want to get to the second job advancement?

A1. “When I first started playing for the first time, there was a large islander population on Broa (you know, people who don’t leave maple island at all). They convinced me that it was fun, and I’ve always tried to be different, so I decided to give it a try.”

Q2.  How is it like being one? What are your struggles and advantages?

A2. “Being a ‘perma’ is a ton of fun. Obviously we don’t do as much damage as people with jobs, but with good enough gear, it’s enough. Other than the occasional rude player, that’s really the only disadvantage. All Beginners get a 90% discount on all cabs, which most people don’t even think about, but even the cab in El Nath is discounted — it’s only 4,500 mesos. Another plus is that Beginners don’t lose EXP when they die.”

Q3.  How do people treat you and other high-leveled “perma”?

A3. “Usually people are pretty cool with it, and occasionally people randomly fame us. Getting fame from people I’ve never spoken to is a little weird, but it’s still nice. Occasionally there will be someone who will say something like “Go get a job,” and we just have to deal with it, but most people are really impressed”

Q4. While talking to you before the interview, you mentioned leading a “perma-only guild”. What is it called and are there a lot more “permas” than you thought there was?

A4. “My guild is iGotFired on the Broa server. Our previous guild leader, Dajuy, quit a about a week ago, and gave leadership to me. We accept all types of Beginners (including Noblesses, Islanders, Citizens, Legends, and Dragon-less Evans). There were a lot of ‘permas’ when I first started playing, but a lot of them have quit now. There are still quite a few now, but not as many. I’m hoping more people will decide to try it.”

Q5. There are cases where players say that “permas” only level by leeching, or letting your party level you up. Is this true? How do you level up?

A5. “There certainly are ‘permas’ who rely on leeching to level, but the majority of us don’t. Leveling is quite difficult, but it’s not impossible to get quite a few levels in a day without leeching. I personally like to do PQs to level up, especially LPQ. Some people see this as me relying on them, but often times I’m one of the only ones who are actually doing the work while others sit out. Occasionally, my guild will get a bunch of us together and us Beginners will do party quests, which is a lot of fun and good experience.”

Q6. What are some of things players assume “permas” are doing wrong?

A6. “People assume ‘permas’ just have to stand there holding control. This is partially true, but a lot of times it’s about having to actually focus on healing or taking less damage, rather than just holding down a button.”

Q7. Have you ever thought of making another character and getting passed the first job advancement?

A7. “I actually have a level 71 Priest, which is fun. I prefer my permanent characters, though. I’m a lot closer with my Beginner’s guildmates than the people I know through my Priest.”

Q8. Do you think you’re missing out on anything without all the other job advancements?

A8. “I feel like Beginners have their own way of making up for job advancements. While jobs just list the skills that you can get and then press an up arrow to increase your damage, Beginners are forced to be more creative. Anyone can increase damage by collecting monster cards or traits, but I feel like Beginners have more motivation to try really hard to get as much of a bonus from that as they can.”

Q9. Which first job advancement do you prefer best: Beginner, Citizen, Legend, Dragon-less Evan, or Noblesse?

A9. “I have one of every time of ‘perma’ (except for dragon-less Evan, I haven’t gotten around to that) but I’d have to say my Beginner is my favorite. Citizens have different skills, Noblesses get 6 ability points per level (and an extra 10% EXP every level), and Legends can hit two monsters at once with pole arms. Each one is different, but it gets frustrating some times when people walk up to me and say, “What kind of job is a Noblesse? Is it a mage?” Plus, I’ve been playing my Beginner the longest, and it just feels the most ‘perma-like.’”

Q10. Would you recommend others to make a “perma?” If so, are there any suggestions or requirements you need in order to make one?

A10. “To make a ‘perma’, you need a lot of patience. Patience with other people and patience killing monsters is a necessity. It’s also nice to have a couple million Mesos to start out with, although with a good guide to show you where to get weapons, it isn’t necessary. However, you will need quite a few scrolls and a bit of luck (real luck, not the stat) if you want to do as much damage as you can. Nonetheless, I recommend it 100%. Being a Beginner has been a great experience and even if you decide it’s not for you, there’s no harm in trying.”

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