[16] ‘Anonymous’ | Post-Hacking Mapling Experiences

Everyone knows what a hacker is, but do you know how being one is really like? The IGN of the interviewee has been confined for security purposes. ENJOY! 🙂

Anonymous | Shadower | Windia | GMS

Q1. When and why did you start hacking? Did your previous account get banned for it?

A1. “I believe that I started hacking around mid-January until February. None of my accounts have ever been banned while using PAID hacks. Free hacks tend to have a much stronger chance to ban because the Channel Changers, D/Cers , and such have a much higher chance noticeability paid hacks are about $30/Month and you can easily make back more than that in cash. I’ll explain why I used paid hacks in the next question.”

Q2. What type of hacking did you do? Was it harmful to the other players?

A2. “The hacking that I did was strictly on monsters in remote areas, I did such to level up Wild Hunters, Mages and a Shadower for my friend. I hacked to gain Mesos and levels for characters. I would sell the accounts and use the Mesos to benefit the accounts I was selling. While selling the accounts to people I knew in real life, I discovered myself raking in some nice cash. With this cash I bought NX and bought one of my best friends a sterling silver amethyst encrusted necklace that she had wanted for years after she had her other one stolen.

I do not believe my hacking was harmful to other players as I did not hack in high popularity maps, I did not D/C hack anyone (except a few people who were just straight out harassing my friends), I did not KS [or kill steal] people for more than 5 minutes (unless I was AFK and hacking). Never did I ruin any boss runs, or the free market. I wouldn’t undercut prices on items such as Enhancement Scrolls, Skill books etc. I do believe that what I did was of EXTREMELY low hurt to the Maplestory economy.”

Q3. What is it like being a hacker back when you were one?

A3. “Being a hacker was like the most interesting experience. I obviously felt little to no guilt, as I was not harming anyone’s personal experience with the game. I enjoyed the fact that I could gain [a] net profit without doing anything. I also enjoyed being able to get to a high level quickly and experience what it’s like to play against bosses. Of course, now I have legit characters that can do that.”

Q4.  How did people treat you and how did you react to it?

A4. “The people I knew such as friend treated me exactly the same. Other people treated me like a regular hacker unless they actually started talking to me. I didn’t react badly to anybody’s judgment as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The only things I did react to where when my friend accused me of hacking peoples accounts. I freaked out at them saying I wasn’t, that I was only using in game hacks on my own accounts.”

Q5. Did you interact with other hackers? How did you do it or why don’t you think you didn’t?

A5. “Yes, I did interact with other hackers, mainly for ideas of training maps or to pioneer ideas for hacks. We chose to do boss runs together, test out D/C’s and exploits together. I did also interact when asking for training maps, which accounts are worth the most USD ($) etc. I also interacted with them when I would buy/sell things via PayPal money (Accounts, Items, Mesos or just random stuff).”

Q6. When and why did you finally decide to stop and make a legitimate account?

A6. “I decided to stop hacking around Late February, and eventually just quit in mid-March. I stopped needing the money so badly and I had gotten my friend that necklace, so I was completely content with my intentions. My friend had me come back to Maple a few days ago and from there sparked the start of my new character.”

Q7. After experiencing how it’s like being a hacker, what is your perspective on everything? (Training, Merching, etc.)

A7. “My perspective on training after hacking is much different than now. Back then I hated it because of the accuracy system and for how hard it was to actually have FUN in the game. Now (Post-Ascension and Post-Chaos) it has become a riveting game that I enjoy [playing]. I just recently leveled from 118 to 135 in the last day training with a few friends.

Merching has always been easy for me. I find [that] I have the cutthroat edge as a business person. I don’t scam, but I do rip people off. If someone decides to rip themselves off, I do not rip them off even more then that already. Basically I much prefer the game now. Hacking or not hacking, I disliked the game before because it was no fun unless you could be a high level. The higher the level, the more freedom you had. That’s a leading factor as to why I began hacking.”

Q8. After going through all that, do you think hacking taught you anything in Maplestory in and maybe even out of the game?

A8. “I do believe that hacking has taught me many things about myself and society. I’ve learned about myself that I have the cutthroat edge to do whatever it takes for something that I strive for. Ambition is a great factor for why I am a hacker. What hacking taught me about society is that people tend to immediately jump to whatever conclusion seems fit to them. We as society label people immediately before we understand their motives and such. ”

Q9. Do you think you’ll ever hack again?  

A9. “I may possibly hack again depending on the circumstances in my situation in reality. I only used hacking for a gift that I bought a friend for her 16th birthday. I may also hack if I get paid hacks for free, cause who doesn’t enjoy using free stuff?”

Q10.  As silly as this may sound, do you think everyone should get the experience as a hacker?

A10. “I do not believe everyone should have the experience of being a hacker. Certain personalities having addicting qualities and may easily cause corruptions in the systems of hacking (scamming other hackers, excessively abusing hacks, and possibly ruining the entire game). Everything should have the ability to experience the capabilities for hacks and possibly be able to use them depending on their real life circumstances.”

“C’est La Vie. Enjoy Mapling My Fellow Maplers!”

–          Anonymous  (A.K.A. McDerp)

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6 thoughts on “[16] ‘Anonymous’ | Post-Hacking Mapling Experiences

  1. Hacking is never a good thing.
    You needed money and took the easy way out, it’s that simple.

    Nexon time if you’re in a bind, doing something for the “greater good” here, why not just go steal something. That shows ambition in much the same sense.

  2. Testing exploids doesnt harm the game?
    Pioneer in thinking of new hacks that other people DO use to disrubt gameplay?

    Also in my opinion this interview is saying it is ok to hack and that is a BAD thing…

    • I absolutely agree with you you. I never liked hackers, but my job here is to find inspirational, notorious, average, and even destructive players and share what they think with you. I do not recommend any player to engage in illegal activities because, as you mentioned, it WILL disrupt gameplay. Thanks for commenting!

  3. As enlightening as this was, I have been encountering quite a few Jett hackers lately. One of which told Jarrod she would hack the ch he was in unless he gave her a million mesos. I think everyone should just play the game legitimately. Hackers/ksers/scammers are what make me hate the game. But there are the rare few like Mr. Grant and others that keep me coming back. DON’T HACK KIDS. YOU’RE A CHEATER AND IT’S NOT COOL!!!

    • Unfortunately, players will always find a way to bypass the anti-hack programs. Not only will they ruin a legitimate player’s gameplay, but also their own fun. Like you said, “IT’S NOT COOL.”

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