[17] DhrGR | Europe MapleStory

This is a rare interview with a member of Europe Maplestory. How much do YOU know about EMS? ENJOY!

DhrGR | Bowmaster | Kradia | EMS

Q1. I have always played in GMS (Global MapleStory). How are the players in EMS (Europe MapleStory)?

A1. “The players are generally nice, but it depends on what world you play in and who you meet. If you play in Demethos, there is almost no one, but in Kradia it’s crowded as hell, also it depends on what places you are in. Since there are a lot (of course) of hackers in EMS, items are sometimes more expensive than max Mesos, but that is another story. I have played GMS and EMS, but the difference is noticeable, since GMS players have different interests and different kinds of respect. Still, all Maplers are nice. By the way, unlike Nexon America, Nexon Europe almost never interacts with players. They never respond to [Twitter] tweets and are lazy since they just copy and paste from MSEA (MapleStory South East Asia), servers are mostly laggy.”

Q2. What current version and update is EMS currently undergoing?

A2. “We are in V.76, which is the Von Leon update. We had the 10% extra charge event and [Miracle] Cube discount. At the moment, we have a Fairy Pendant event, Crayon event, and Halloween event (which is only Nexon-based).”

Q3. In five words, describe EMS!

A3. “European Version Of ‘Gay Story’ *evil laugh*.”

Q4. Is it difficult to level up or train there? You mentioned EMS having quite a number of hackers. Do they hack in public, or “in the shadows?”

A4. “In Europe Maplestory, it is not hard to level up; well for others it isn’t for me it is since I am not that great at grinding. I always hated grinding and I still do, but I still love Maplestory. But back to topic: hackers are quite an issue, but it’s not far different from GMS. The only thing that I can think of is that you [GMS] have a 2X EXP coupon, while we are stuck with just a 20% up one for the same (even more if you calculate it) [amount of] money.”

Q5. Have you ever had any thoughts of transferring to GMS?

A5. “Transferring is a great word. I play GMS. My account may have been created after my IP block, but I can still access it by bypassing it without the use of any 3th party illegal programs. Way back when EMS was about two years behind GMS, I did consider about going to GMS, but the connection included a lot of lag. I spoiled myself with the new content, and could not play EMS anymore since I thought it wasn’t fun without the new content. I will never transfer my account to GMS because I will lose all my great friends I have met through my adventure in Europe.”

Q6. Do you think EMS is too behind compared to GMS?

A6. “EMS is at the moment not that far behind. I expect [the] Chaos [update] this winter, but as I stated before, we were once two years behind GMS, but we got Knights of Cygnus even before we had Pirates. At the same time GMS got Knights of Cygnus, strikers were bugged back then since we did not have pirate shops. One simple “all-job-shop” in Henesys was the solution for Nexon, after one patch (one patch was a month back then, now we have a patch every two months). Considering that EMS was released four years after GMS, makes it hard to say EMS is behind GMS. EMS is even further than GMS on some points, we have Neo Tokyo, instead of Neo City, but EMS was once way behind. [I know] that for sure!”

Q7. How does Nexon in Europe treat its players?

A7. “Does Nexon even care about players? Since when? What? *sarcasm*”

Q8. Do EMS players have a ticket system? If not, what is it?

A8. There is a system called EoI which stands for Email of Inquiry. It works with players basically sending emails to Nexon, but unfortunately, responses from the GM’s would take about one or two months, according to DhrGR. There is a picture of how an EoI included below the interview!

Q9. If there one big thing you could change about EMS, what would it be?

A9. “What I would change about EMS? That is a good one. I would gladly change a lot about Nexon Europe, but that is not the question. If I could change something it would be the economy. It is ruined! Everybody has max Mesos and some equips can’t even be sold for max Mesos, since they are so valuable that they are worth even more than [the] max [amount of Mesos]. Also, scammers have been returning since they removed the “Nexon-Cash trade” function. Something exclusive for EMS is that now we have MTS, which is not even working. Our hack point system has been removed and replaced with a fee of 5,000 Mesos to click the Report button, which is also not working! How wonderful is that? Everybody is scamming Nexon cash. I got scammed for over 10,000 Nexon cash. That is around 15,000 [Nexon cash] for GMS players, since €1 is 1k NX cash, but €1 is around 1.5 USD. That is something I would gladly change.”

Q10. Is there anything else you would like to say/add to share with the readers?

A10. “MSE (that is how Nexon officially calls it) has a lot of nice exclusive stuff, that all has been removed since Big Bang. After Big Bang they just copied MSEA. I could not even log in for a few days since [the] Hackshield was kicking us out. Just for the fact that MSE had copied MSEA and their Hackshield, hackers knew what they could hack, since every hack that worked for MSEA worked for MSE as well. As I live-streamed at the sheep VS Wolf PQ, they “map rushed” through the Owl of Minerva “get to every map you want” exploit, but after all MSE is surely worth playing. In conclusion, it’s just the same, but then [again] a bit outdated.”

MAX MESOS = 2,147,483,347

EMS / MSE = Europe MapleStory / MapleStory Europe

MSEA = Maplestory South East Asia

Here is how the EoI looks! (Brought to you by DhrGR himself!) :

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