[18] SpiritOfMir | Marital System

The marital system is a big part of thousands of Maplers’ lives. SpiritOfMir will tell you what he thinks about it! ENJOY!

SpiritOfMir | Evan | Windia | GMS

Q1. Are you married in Maplestory? (If you’re not, do you plan to?)

A1. “Unfortunately no… I believe it’s too expensive and waste of money.”

Q2. Do you have plenty of friends that are married?

A2. “Wow… I think so.”

Q3. Apparently, 75% of marriages in the game result in divorces. Why do you think this is so?

A3. “Well, it is a non-social game. New jobs come out and people play on that.  The people who do get married sometimes can’t handle their mains.”

Q4. I think Nexon was already aware of this statistic, so they created annulments.  Do you think this was a good idea?

A4. “Oh, it was definitely a good idea. [There would be] no space in your ring slot [to equip other rings].”

Q5. Also in Ascension, there were also new coupons released for a lower price, but with less features. Do you like this update?

A5. “Yes.”

Q6. Finish this sentence: Having a relationship in the game ____.

A6. “[Having a relationship in the game:] is a good thing depending if you know them.”

Q7. Have you had any experience with relationships in Maplestory?

A7. “Fortunately, no.”

Q8. Would you suggest others to pay 10K at least NX cash to get married?

A8. “If people want to spend money on a game with their girlfriend… well go, do it! But to me it’s only a person’s decision. If you are only getting married for the NX or for the Mesos you might as well spend it on something else, but in other people’s eyes it’s in a direction to be known as a good thing”

Q9. What changes do you think should be applied to Maplestory’s marital system in the future?

A9. “MapleStory’s marital system is/has already improved over the 6 year period. The marital system could be slightly improved with the acceptance of same-sex marriages. Although this may be a controversial topic and debate, same-sex marriages could put homophobia in MapleStory in the darkness for good. MapleStory has many great and not so great features currently installed; the MapleStory marital system in all walks of MapleStory is great! No matter if you are in China and have no Amoria or if you are in Japan with Both Amoria and the Chinese marital place, MapleStory will strive for the marital system to be a good one.”

Q10. From 1 to 10, what would you rate the system’s overall status?

A10. “The system has many wonderful aspects. The current system of GMS’s marital system would be a 5.5 to 6 out of 10.”

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