[19] HeWillBeMine | Experience with Bosses

How was it like in your attempt to defeat Zakum? How about Pianus? HeWillBeMine will share her experience with bosses in this interview! I asked her about Zakum, Pianus, Horntail, Pink Bean, and Empress Cygnus exactly in this order.
HeWillBeMine | Bowmaster | Windia | GMS
Q1: Have you ever completed a Zakum run?

A1: “Yes, I have. Once, [and] once only. It was a mess. Well, actually I have attempted to get to Zakum numerous times and completely failed because I couldn’t find a free channel. However, one day, I finally did, but sadly I had no party and was in a rush. I spotted a random Night Lord and asked him to join me. He did so and we duoed. In my mind I thought we would do fairly well because people do it within the time given. We both found it very difficult [being a] duo, but finally after busting our chops, we killed it with two minutes left! Never doing that ever again!”

Q2: Do you think the Zakum jump quest should be simplified?

A2: “Yes, oh God, yes. Especially the jump quest. [It’s] way too difficult if you ask me. I probably tried more than ten times to do the jump quest part. Sweaty fingers… frustration… enough said. I thought it would be moderately doable, but in my case, I was wrong. I eventually had to pay my friend 20M to do the quest for me. Sad? Yes, but other than that, the other parts are okay.”

Q3: Many players, such as myself, have difficulty finding Pianus, especially since there isn’t a Monster Portal and we play in such a populated server. What do you think of this?

A3: “I completely agree. I went on a Pianus hunt numerous times and only found one that was [already in the process] of being killed. The spawn rate is incredibly rare and I wish Nexon would realize that we need more maps/channels where bosses like Pianus are more common, especially in Windia”

Q4: What types of drops have you obtained from defeating Pianus?

A4: “I only killed Pianus in the Kenta PQ, if that counts. I received potions and a Pianus Scale.”

Q5: I dislike the fact that leaving the waiting area in the Horntail cave makes you lose access to re-enter it, unless doing the pre-quests again. Do you think it should be a do-it-only-once feature?

A5: “Hmm… Well, I have never done the pre-quests, but from my understanding, they’re pretty difficult. I think it is unfair and players should have the opportunity for do it more than once.”

Q6: Due to all the Horntail’s total HP being 17,350,000,000, would you say it that killing it would be the most time-consuming monster in the game?

A6: “I would not call it time-consuming, although the HP is a lot. I think it all depends on the range and job of the attacker. I know a few people who can solo it within 30 minutes or less, which is relatively impressive. Even thought it does have more HP than Pink Bean, it’s a fair deal.”

Q7: What do you think of the Pink Bean’s appearance?

A7: “It is very misleading and makes noobs like me underestimate it. It is beyond adorable, but incredibly deadly. It’s like, you want to approach it and give it a huge hug, only to realize it will suck the brains out of you. But in general it is very creative of Nexon.”

Q8: Personally, I find that the pre-quests in the Temple of Time to reach the Pink Bean take too long to finish. What do you think?

A8: “I agree. I can’t get passed the first part of the pre-quest. Like, really? 999 monsters per map? That’s ridiculous! I think Nexon should shorten it to at most 500, considering there are many maps to reach Pink Bean.”

Q9: Do you understand why Empress Cygnus suddenly became a boss? (I certainly don’t!)

A9: “*Haha* No. It was pretty random. Wasn’t she on our side, anyways? Since when did she join the evil force of the monsters [A.K.A. Black Mage *dun dun duunn*] She’s a pretty tough woman, I can admit that!”

Q10: What else do you know about Empress Cygnus?

A10: “Hmm… Nothing more besides her being the hardest boss in the game. Well, I do know she does that awesome Dark Genesis, but that is pretty much it!”

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6 thoughts on “[19] HeWillBeMine | Experience with Bosses

  1. I personally think the bosses are perfect balanced. Since bosses give good stuff, they should be hard to find / reach. The Zakum JQ looks hard an confusing at first, but like all JQ’s, it’s hard. It is far more easy then other jump quests. For Cygnus, she touched the Tree of Life that made the KoC evil and destroy (future) Henesys and Ereve. But yeah, that is my opinion!

      • Yeah, my first time took me around 1500 potions. The first time I only took 400 and I used around 200+ to get at Zakum. I used 100 in the ZPQ, and then I died XD and went back. I spent A LOT OF TIME there. I actually was in that map for 2 days, most of the time afking. 😛 but now I can finish it in bareley 15 minutes. O.o practice is your best friend! ^__^

      • Haha. Since I’m a Dark Knight, I don’t need too many HP potions. It actually took me about two months to complete the Jump Quest, but that’s because I kept giving up and trying again a few days later.

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