[20] kingbowman92 | Henesys

Here’s another simple interview with a friend of mine. What do you think of the town of Henesys?

kingbowman92 | Bowmaster | Windia | GMS

Q1. Is Henesys where you usually go when you’re not training?

A1. “No, I usually go to El Nath.”

Q2. What do you use Henesys for?

A2. “I only appear in Henesys for the use of the Nexon Gachapon.”

Q3. Do you think the NPC’s in the town are useful?

A3. “Yes, only a few are useful. For example, [two of them are] Thomas Swift and the convenient Gaga. Thomas Swift [is used] for the ability to appear in Amoria and Gaga [is used] for events.”

Q4. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word “Henesys?”

A4. “What comes to mind are people who spend countless hours at Henesys. (IE: ‘Hene-Hoes’”

Q5. What is the best thing about Henesys?

A5. “The best thing there is about Henesys is Maya. She’s always sick, so she can’t nag around the house as much.”

Q6. What is the worst thing about Henesys?

A6. “The worst thing about Henesys is the ‘Hene-Hoes.” They always have drama.”

Q7. What is your favorite map in the town?

A7. “The best map is Maya’s House.”

Q8. What do you think of the background and/or environment of all the maps?

A8. “[It has a] relaxing environment. [It’s] enough to make a girl sick forever.”

Q9. Can you relate the town to something else outside or inside the game?

A9. “I could relate it to the ‘Hene-Hoes.’”

Q10. What are your two favorite towns? Why?

A10. “My two favorite towns are Henesys and El Nath. [Henesys is my first] because I can enjoy laughs from ‘Hene-Hoe’ drama. [El Nath is my favorite because] it’s always quiet and a little girl never gets sick.”


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