[21] ThatWasMyKil | Weapons

ThatWasMyKil | Bishop | Bera | GMS

Q1. What weapon are you currently equipped with?

A1. “A Perfect Timeless Aeas Hand.”

Q2. What is your favorite type of weapon? (ex: bow, gun, one-handed sword)

A2. “Staff – Although I do quite like the look of cannons.”

Q3. Which weapon is your favorite?

A3. “Aeas Hand or Evil Wings.”

Q4. If you could decide a secondary weapon for magicians to use, which one would you pick?

A4. “I guess I would have them use a short staff like a tanto to a katana.”

Q5. Some people find that Battle Mages should use a different weapon other than a staff. What do you think of this?

A5. “No, I think they are fine. If anything I would suggest something similar to the above.”

Q6. What weapon do you think should be introduced into the game?

A6. “To be honest they have it pretty down pat. Each class uses the weapon that one would logically assume they would use.”

Q7. What weapon is your least favorite?

A7. “[I’m not] not much of a fan of Bows.”

Q8. What weapon do you think is the most random?

A8. “Most random? None. They all serve there purpose in game to allow the player to feel as though he or she has a choice in the path they would like to take there character down.

Q9. What weapon is the funniest you have seen yet?

A9. “Frozen Tuna – Love it.”

Q10. What weapon do you think is over-powered?

A10. “Well, none are at their base. It depends on the scrolling, but the one I have the biggest issue with are elemental wands/staffs. Since I’m a bishop, there’s not much that I can use. I hope that they bring out something that would have the high 16X MA for that doesn’t have the elemental effect, or purely for bishops.”

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