[22] xNoobBomb | The “Indecisiveness” Disease

As you read this, please know that this disease does not exist, but it is simply the act of someone being indecisive!

xNoobBomb | Dragon Knight | Windia | GMS

Q1. What is “indecisiveness” to you in MapleStory?

A1. “To me, ‘indecisiveness’ is a problem I face not only in MapleStory, but in every game I play. Especially in MapleStory, I can never, and I mean NEVER stick to one class without changing after a couple of levels.”

Q2. Why is it so hard for you to pick a certain class and stick to it?

A2. “Well, what’s so hard is that just as soon as I get into a class, start enjoying it. But then… BAM! I get hit with [curiosity from] watching another class walk by and me wanting to make that class. I guess it might be the jealousy of wanting that class for myself or just because I think they look really cool. It’s just hard to refrain myself from making a new class every time I see another one.”

Q3. Are you still suffering from “indecisiveness?”

A3. “Good question, sir interviewer! Yes, as a matter of fact, I am suffering from ‘indecisiveness’ to this very moment! Today I was on my Dragon Knight and went to the Evan Farm map and I just could not help and tell my buddy, ‘Did you know NX skills for Evans are free?’ He did not know what I meant by this but I did and I started wanting to make an Evan! So yeah, I’m still a victim if this cursed condition.”

Q4. What are the consequences of “indecisiveness?”

A4. “Well I say one of the biggest consequences of indecisiveness is that you can never get past level 90 (well for me I can’t). Currently I have a level 85 Dragon Knight and I already want to quit him, but thanks to the support of some friends I’m slowly leveling him with the urge to make a new character!”

Q5. Do you think you learn anything from it?

A5. “Why, no, I do not think i’ve learnt anything from it. Even if I hate a class or did not like it, I will still be tempted to re-make one. One thing I took from this was that I can never ever play Aran! I just can’t.”

Q6. Do you think you are the only person with this problem?

A6. “No, I don’t think I am the only person that suffers from this. Every time I make a new Adventurer I see about 5 or 6 people that are making a new class and aren’t new to the game. I believe everyone has a little piece of this in them.”

Q7. What do you think is the cure to this life-threatening disease?

A7. “I think the cure would be owning a specific class and having constant motivation for that class, watching videos of that class when you lose inspiration, and many other things that I seem to find.”

Q8. How do you think your “indecisiveness” started?

A8. “I believe it started when I first played a MMORPG [Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game]. MapleStory was my first. I made a character in Scania with my cousin. He was going to make a thief and I wanted to make one too, so he told me not to and said “Go make a magician or something. it can get a job at level 8.” I said fine, so as he went and did thief, I went and did mage. That was my biggest mistake. I got that mage to 16 with messed up stats and quit it. This is where I believe my condition started. Till this day my first MapleStory character is in rankings, stuck frozen in cyberspace as I constantly make new classes. I think it was my cousin’s fault to why this all started. If he had not told me to make a mage, I could have made that thief and probably have been over level  150, since this happened in v55 MapleStory.”

Q9. Will you ever get rid of it?

A9. “Well, I hope I can one day overcome this darn condition. At this point I think many of my friends are getting fed up with me constantly asking which class to make and I think I’ll be alone soon. Then I’ll result in quitting… So I hope I overcome this condition because I’m way too addicted to MapleStory to quit anyway.”

Q10. Do you have any suggestions for the readers so they don’t catch the “indecisiveness” disease?

A10. “Eh, I mean, the only suggestion I can give you is this: don’t ever let anyone tell you what class to make and don’t let anyone put you down for your decision. That’s how mine started and now look at me. So if you can follow those tips you’ll be alright.”

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