[23] XgrantwallX | Road to Level 200

XgrantwallX | Ice/Lightning Arch Mage | Broa | GMS

Q1. When did you start playing MapleStory and how long did it take you to reach level 200?

A1. “I began playing MapleStory way back in December of 2005 when my brother came home from school one day and downloaded a game that a friend of his had recommended. When I saw him playing I thought the game looked silly and said it definitely wasn’t for me. Curiosity got the better of me though and I became hooked.

On July 19th, 2010 after four and a half years of playing MapleStory on and off (with one break as long as an entire year,) I managed to reach Level 200.”

Q2. Along your journey to reach the maximum level, what were some obstacles that you faced? (The obstacles don’t need to be concrete.)

A2. “Getting to Level 200 wasn’t really ever a big goal for me. For me it was more about the journey, and in this case that journey was shared with some truly amazing friends. Of course, every journey has its obstacles for you to navigate around.

With that said, I haven’t run into too many obstacles in my years of playing. But the ones I did encounter made the game that much more memorable.

Friends are great, but on occasion problems can arise. Being a firm believer in playing the game through legitimate means I’ve had to sever ties with a few friends when they’ve gone to the dark side and taken up hacking.

Guilds are also a bit tricky. As great as friends are, being part of a good guild can be an amazing experience, but getting into that perfect guild isn’t always easy. When the leader of Uchiha, the first guild I ever joined that decided to take up hacking, I led a revolt and convinced most of the guild members to come with me to a brand new guild named UchihaReborn that I had created. Over time people quit playing MapleStory and the guild died out. I tried making a few other guilds, as well as joined a few that belonged to close friends but felt they weren’t right for me. I finally found home in HardKor, home to Korwyn, numerous Level 200’s, and overall one of the best guilds in Broa.”

Q3. Where did you train from level 150 to level 200?

A3. “My training from 150 to 200 was done a long ago, before all of the new training areas like LHC and Future Henesys came out. For the most part I ended up training at Skeles in Leafre. I did try out Temple of Time on a few occasions, but most of my grinding was done on my own spamming Blizzard killing some frozen dragon skeletons.”

Q4. Were you patient on your way to level 200?

A4. “Considering I was already Level 130 or so when Fourth Job was released I’d say I was pretty patient and took my time to reach 200. To me it was more about the journey than some numerical end game scenario. I’d never actually intended to reach 200 but when I reached Level 170 I realized it wasn’t really that far off at all. With the support of my Buddies and Guild Members I managed to hit the magical Level 200.”

Q5. Was being level 199 suspenseful?

A5. “Upon reaching Level 199 the suspense really started to build. It wasn’t so much that I wanted to just get it over with and reach 200, with my Level 200 Event / Livestream I had scheduled the suspense/stress had to do with not accidentally leveling.

Once everyone was there and things were ready to go, leveling to 200 was one of the most serene moments I’ve ever had in MapleStory.”

Q6. After finally reaching your maximum level, what was the first thing you did?

A6. “Immediately after reaching Level 200 I was bombarded with congratulations from various friends, guildmates, random strangers, and even a member of the MWLB. I fired off a few thank you smegas myself, and then did something that I hadn’t done in a long time. I died!”

Q7. What are some of your goals now?

A7. “Despite being 200, there’s still a ton to do in MapleStory. My first goal I had after reaching 200 was to solo Zakum, a goal I did indeed accomplish.

My main goals right now include obtaining the maximum amount of Mesos possible, as well as owning a complete Level 140 Dragon Tail Mage Set.

Down the road I’d also love to take part in successful Pink Bean and Empress runs, but that’s probably a long way down the road.”

Q8. Do you plan on making any new characters to get to level 200, too?

A8. “Probably not. While I do have numerous characters, including a Level 120 Wind Archer and a level 105 Mechanic I don’t really know that I’ll ever reach 200 on any other characters. I certainly am not aiming for it, but who knows… maybe one day it will happen.”

Q9. How do players treat you?

A9. “Most players treat me just the same as they do anyone else. Well, anyone else who’s both an official Volunteer Forum Moderator, as well as a giant cat. 😉

For the most part, my level doesn’t really influence too many people these days. After Big Bang reaching Level 200 isn’t seen as a huge achievement.

Heck, some people in my guild alone have more than three Level 200 characters.

With that being said, from time to time I still do have players come up and shout ‘OMG, a level 200!’”

Q10. Do you think you’ll ever stop playing MapleStory?

A10. “I don’t intend to ever stop playing MapleStory. In the past I’ve ‘quit’ numerous times, but there’s just something about MapleStory that keeps bringing me back. As long as MapleStory is around, you can bet I’ll be nearby.”

XgrantwallX wanted to share these pictures of his adventure to level 200. ENJOY:

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