[24] saqlain3 | Hairstyles

saqlain3 | Blade Lord | Windia | GMS

Q1.  What is the name of your current hairstyle and why did you pick it?

A1. “The name of my current hairstyle is the green Cabana Boy. I chose it because I was using those random beauty coupons and I probably used up like 10,000 of them trying to get a certain hairstyle but I ended up with this when the event ended.”

Q2.  What was your reaction when you got that hairstyle from a Special Beauty Coupon?

A2. “I was in a hury because the event was going to end in 30 minutes so I tried finding as many coupons as I could.  I used them and the last one I used was a green Cabana Boy. I was sad but at least I didn’t get bald or something ugly.”

Q3.  Do you like your current hair color, or would you like a different one?

A3. “I would like [the] red hair color because it would look a lot cooler with Cabana Boy.”

Q4. If you could change something about your hairstyle (not hair color) what would it be?

A4. “Oh my gosh, I know this isn’t out yet, but I would love to have the Mechanic hairstyle in either blue, red, black, or blonde or the Dreamcatcher!”

Q5. When equipping a hat on, does your hairstyle look nice being flat?

A5. “Yes, my hairstyle does look pretty neat because if I’m wearing a cool hat you can see little tufts of hair at the bottom of it and it looks pretty boss.”

Q6. What is the worst thing about your hair?

A6. “The worst thing about my hair is that [it] is big, chunky, and doesn’t have that very much of a messed up haphazardly chunks of hair, but it is big and is edible. It’s apple-flavored. ^_^”

Q7. Do your friends like your hairstyle?

A7. “Well, my friends never really said anything about my hairstyle and I don’t know if they hate it or like it.”

Q8. What is your favorite hairstyle?

A8. “My favorite hairstyles are Bedhead, Mechanic, Cannoneer, and Dreamcatcher. (Even though the Mechanic and Cannoneer hairstyles haven’t come out yet.”

Q9. What is your least favorite hairstyle?

A9. “My least favorite hairstyle is the black Trip Scratch.”

Q10. Is there anything else you would like to add hairstyle-related?

A10. “My favorite edible hairstyles are Big Afro and Cabana Boy. My favorite flavors are pineapple, lemon, strawberry, orange, cotton candy, apple, lime, and caramel apple.”

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