[25] BasedBeard | Noobs

BasedBeard | Wind Archer | Windia | GMS

Q1. What is a noob to you?

A1. “I guess a noob to me is anyone of a lower level than me. [They are] the guys that are always asking me for Mesos or levels.”

Q2. Within what level range would be a noob be in?

A2. “[Levels] 1-50? I honestly don’t know. I am pretty noobish. I am always asking my buddies what key does what, how to do something, and what to do next. I always think of the level 10-20’s you see in Sleepywood that want you to level them.”

Q3. Where do you think the word “noob” came from?

A3. “I always used to use the word newby when I was younger. You’d be surprised how many people don’t understand the rules to tag”

Q4. What is the closest thing you can relate a noob outside the game?

A4. “New guys at work. * sigh* I hate training. People that just have no clue what you’re talking about or what to do in situations I view as pretty easy situations to adapt to.”

Q5. Would you say that noobs can be annoying or disruptive?

A5. “Sometimes they can be annoying, the other day I had a guy who couldn’t speak English apparently, just Spanish. He asked me for Mesos and I couldn’t give them to him because I am saving for a mount. Then he tried following me around, so I just double-jumped away as fast as possible.”

Q6. Where do you usually encounter them?


Q7. How do you treat the noobs and how do they treat you?

A7. “Sometimes they can be a little pushy, but for the most part they just ask questions and I answer them to the best of my knowledge. I have gotten into the habit of leveling noobs in Sleepywood because I know how it is to not have any idea of what to do. I also know what it feels like to want to excel, get strong, and do it quickly. For the most part, I don’t just dismiss them; I will even offer to level them sometimes, too.  ”

Q8. How do others treat them? Do you think it’s fair?

A8. “I can’t really speak for others, but I have seen some rude people. I see them telling noobs to change channel and all that jazz, which I don’t view as fair. They are trying to get stronger, too. Aren’t we all? I will always remember when I was with my first character and a level 120 guy bought me a bunch of gear and leveled me as well. Nice people are always good to see.”

Q9. Do you think you will always be generous to them?

A9. “Umm… I mean, as long as they don’t hassle me, are polite, and make conversation, I’ll be nice to them. [For] everyone else, I will double-jump away! *haha*”

Q10. Is there anything else you do to assist the noobs?

A10. “Just talk to them, especially if they have a character I am familiar with. I can give them pointers or items I come across that they can use.”

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