[26] ChainofFaith | Kill-Stealers

ChainofFaith | Ice/Lightning Arch Mage | Broa | GMS

Q1. What is a Kill-Stealer?

A1. “A Kill Stealer is some who kills the monsters you’re training on (most the time on purpose).”

Q2. Are you a Kill-Stealer?

A2. “No, I’m not a Kill-Stealer! I’ll steal my kills back from the Kill-Stealer, but I won’t kill steal for no reason.”

Q3. Where do you find them?

A3. “When I was a lower level (or back in the day) I would encounter KS’ers at MP3s, Jesters, Gallos, and many other maps. Now that I’m a higher level I rarely get KS’ed. You’ll see a party here and there trying to take our map at LHC, but they usually give-up after a while.”

Q4. Do you think they are important parts of the game?

A4. “Do I think KSing is an important part of the game? NO! I wish everyone could respect everyone’s space!”

Q5. Are they usually hackers or legit players?

A5. “They’re usually legit players (rude, disrespectful, and stubborn). If there’s a hacker in my map, then I usually CC. You’ll find hacker KS’ing people, but rarely.”

Q6. How do you react to a Kill-Stealer?

A6. “I usually ask them to change channels, or change maps. If they don’t change channels, then I usually try to steal their kills they’re stealing from me. I also report them for harassment.”

Q7. How do others react when their kill is stolen?

A7. “Most people do what I do; other people over react and start going berserk (cussing and what not).”

Q8. How do the Kill-Stealers react when someone does something about them?

A8. “They usually don’t care, and they keep messing with you; they’ll usually cuss at you.”

Q9. From 1 to 10, how much do they interfere with someone’s gameplay?

A9. “I would say 7? Especially for the lower leveled players.”

Q10. Is there anything else you would like to include about Kill-Stealers?

A10. “Overall Kill Stealers are rude and disrespectful. If you ever encounter a Kill Stealer just report them for harassment, because that’s what it’s considered to be.”

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