[27] MechBasedGod | Training Maps

MechBasedGod | Mechanic | Windia | GMS

Q1. Where do you train at your current level?

A1. “Currently I am level 80. I’ve been training in the mine in Edelstein, but as of right now I am training in Mu Lung against level 91 and level 93 Ginseng Pots. It takes a lot of potions, but I feel that it’s well worth it.”

Q2. Why do you train where you do?

A2. “Experience! Not to mention that the monsters usually respawn pretty rapidly. Unfortunately, the drops aren’t that great in Mu Lung. In Edelstein, the experience may be a little less, but the [better] drops are usually pretty frequent.”

Q3. When will you change your main training area?

A3. “I’ll continue to move farther in the Edelstein mine depending on how strong the monsters are. I can’t complain with the mine, it’s easy to navigate and the experience and drops are pretty awesome. Or maybe I’ll move to the crazy time place at the bottom middle of Ludibrium.”

Q4. How much EXP do you get per kill there?

A4. “In Mu Lung roughly 1,300 per kill. Actually, it’s about the same all around. I just wish Sleepywood had some stronger monsters (besides Balrog).”

Q5. Are there a lot of people where you train?

A5. “Usually not, but I’m almost always on channel 19. That way my friends know where I’ll be. But if there are any people where I’m training, I usually switch to the next map over, just trying to be polite! *Haha*”

Q6. What about hackers? Are they present there?

A6. “Honestly, from my experience on MapleStory (which is about 2-3 months now), I haven’t come across any hackers. Lucky me I guess. I’m sure I’ve seen some scammers at the Monster Park, but I’m not even sure about that.”

Q7. What training map do you think is the most crowded in the game?

A7. “JEEZE! More than likely the monster park for under level 70! It is always packed, but the second most populous I would say would be in the first couple maps in Sleepywood. Maybe a close third would be Kerning Square Mall! It’s all debatable I think.”

Q8. What is your favorite training map? Why?

A8. “My all time favorite would be where I started seriously leveling! That would happen to be the first couple maps in Sleepywood! Those drakes are awesome for experience and drops right when you’re starting out! I can still remember training there when I was around level 20-30 and just standing on the edge with my flame thrower! *Haha*”

Q9. What is your least favorite training map? Why do you dislike it?

A9. “Least favorite would probably be Kerning Square Mall. I hate everything about it, the monsters, the crappy experience, and that god awful quest in it. The Spirit of Rock is pretty cool though. Those mannequins are so freaking creepy, too!”

Q10. If you had the power to change anything about the training map that you currently play in, what would it be?

A10. “Make Drakes strong so I can stay in Victoria Island to train. I’m not really sure, maybe better drops in Mu Lung, or better respawn rates. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before another multiple day update comes out that’ll fix it! (Thanks Nexon!) :)”

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