[28] KipPaardKoe | Legends Update [KMS & JMS]

KipPaardKoe | Mechanic | Windia | GMS

Q1. What versions of MapleStory have you played in?

A1. “First of all, 5 years ago I started to play MapleStory Global. I was that young I didn’t understand English very well, so I decided to start on MapleStory Europe. (I’m playing GMS again now). A few weeks ago, I wanted to try new classes out, so I made an account for MapleStory Korea and MapleStory Japan. It was too laggy for me, so I went back to GMS!”

Q2. Were the Legend updates in KMS and JMS worth it?

A2. “Yes, they were in both! Since I can’t understand Korean and Japanese, I didn’t understand anything of all the text and stuff. So, in short: YES! I didn’t play the Demon Slayer in JMS, but that doesn’t matter since I’ve played on it in KMS!”

Q3. Out of the three new classes (Cannon Shooters, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers), which did you see the most after the update?

A3. “I saw the Cannon Shooter the most, because I’ve only played on it in JMS. Only the Mercedes and Cannon Shooter were out when I played on JMS. Mercedes doesn’t seem to be so popular in JMS, since I didn’t see much of them. If Demon Slayer would be out then, I think you would see a lot of them.”

Q4. Which one is the strongest out of them all?

A4. “The strongest out of them all is in my opinion the Demon Slayer. The Demon Slayer has got very quick attacks, hits multiple times, and it’s a Warrior class. Warriors are always strong! Another reason why Demon Slayers are the strongest is that the use Demon Force instead of MP. This way he can keep attacking by only pressing the normal attack button (which is also very strong) to gain some Demon Force. Actually, the strength of the class depends on the player who controls it. When an experienced player is controlling the character, it will be most likely stronger than a first-time Mapler. That’s because the experienced player knows how to grind well and stuff.

Q5. This update continues the story in the classes’ struggle to defeat the Black Mage. Which of the three classes do you think defeats it?

A5. “I hope no one does, so that would mean that the Black Mage remains living and can go on destroying the Maple World! If any of those three classes manages to kill him, I think it wouldn’t be the Cannon Shooter, since he doesn’t play any role in the Black Mage’s story. The Mercedes is very powerful with her Dual Crossbows, and can attack quickly. The Demon Slayer, who was first at the Black Mage’s side, is very powerful too. Because the Demon Slayer was at the Black Mage’s side, but then joined the Resistance, I think he wants to avenge the Black Mage. However, the Mercedes and Demon Slayer would make a nice couple. THEY HAVE TO DESTROY THE BLACK MAGE!”

Q6. What is your favorite new class?

A6. “My favorite new class you say? Well, umm… that would be the female Mercedes! I like her moves, skills, weapons… everything! Well, the thing I like the most about the Mercedes are those sweet, pointy elf ears!”

Q7. What do you think of the concept for the new dual crossbow (Mercedes)?

A7. “Personally, I like the way Nexon always thinks of making new weapons. Even though the crossbow isn’t new and very slow attacking, the Dual Crossbows have faster attacking speed! So I like the new Dual Crossbow concept!”

Q8. Which class do you think is the weakest of the three?

A8. “I think there is not a ‘weakest’ class. All of them are strong on their own way. I think the Cannon Shooter has the slowest attacking speed, and many people dislike that. Faster attacking speed sometimes means better hits. I think I’m going for the Cannon Shooter then.”

Q9. What is your favorite thing about Demon Slayers?

A9. “The way they use their kind of Mana: Demon Force. I also like their dark/evil look: Red and black colors with their nice demon wings! I [also] like their skills of course.”

Q10. Is there anything you would like to share or warn the readers about the upcoming Legends update?

A10. “Yes! If you’re always low on money, just hardly enough to buy some potions, I recommend you to make a Demon Slayer! This class doesn’t need Mana pots since they can gain Demon Force by hitting the monster it’s fighting. If you agree with my previous sentence and you like a Warrior type character, choose the Demon Slayer!”

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