[29] dandinosaur | 400 Mesos

dandinosaur | Chief Bandit | Windia | GMS

Q1. How many Mesos do you currently have?

A1. “I have about 400 Mesos.”

Q2. What do you do with that amount?

A2. “Well, save it I guess. I usually try to spend at least as possible and try to sell as much as possible.”

Q3. How do you get your Mesos?

A3. “First, I pick it up after killing monsters and I sell ETC items and other stuff [to NPC’s].”

Q4. What do you think you need right now, but can’t afford because of your lack of Mesos?

A4. “Definitely equips and HP/MP potions. As well as travel money, it sucks to have to run everywhere”

Q5. What do you do when you can’t afford potions and can’t train or buy anything?

A5. “Well, I usually do PQs in which you don’t have to use potions or pots. The Mu Lung Dojo is a good example, you get it when they drop it.”

Q6. Do you ask other players for Mesos? What do they say?

A6. “Actually, I usually never do. However, when I run out of potions in the middle of a PQ or something they usually donate something like 100 Unagis.”

Q7. Do you ever feel any negative feelings towards yourself or others because of your current problem?

A7. “It’s just a bit awkward most of the time. Having low level things and when I get a trade request of someone selling, it sucks to deny even though they have everything I want.”

Q8. Why do you think you don’t have enough Mesos?

A8. “(I know I don’t have enough when I have less than 100,000 Mesos.) I don’t think I have enough Mesos because that would probably be my last two batches of ever buying potions. Also, if I wanted to buy something, they usually never exceed 15,000 [Mesos]  and nobody ever buys 1 of a USE item. It’s not like I keep spending. I feel as if I never make enough. Monsters drop like 100 Mesos and I have to spend like 20 to 40 thousand on buying potions.”

Q9. What do you think can be the solution to your problem?

A9. “Honestly I feel like the only way is if I use really money and get that NX thing [Meso Bags] that gives you more Mesos, or if I get my hands on something really rare that will give me lots of Mesos.”

Q10. Do you think Nexon should provide a certain amount of Mesos for players who have just began playing?

A10. “Not really, but [but instead to] make it easier to earn money, or make things cheaper, because at one time I would probably run out.”

A donation of just 100,000 Mesos to dandinosaur can make a difference! 

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