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SirTacoPower | Mechanic | Windia | GMS

Q1. What is Rising Sun equipment?

A1. “Rising Sun equipment are level 130 equips that, when used together, give extra effects and can only be acquired through Accessory crafting or through the Gachapon wheel. Although, the Gachapon wheel items that you could get them from are no longer available”

Q2. What does this set consist of?

A2. “The Rising Sun set consists of five different accessories  face paint which is a face accessory, a pendant, a belt, earrings, and a ring. Each of them gives great stats and can be traded freely until someone equips it. After that, you must use a Platinum Scissors of Karma to trade them.”

Q3. Is the Rising Sun set hard to get? How do you obtain each piece?

A3. “Yes. The Rising Sun Set is EXTREMELY difficult to get. First off you need the recipes. The recipes don’t drop from any monsters. there is currently only  one way to get the recipes and that is by buying with Gallant Emblems which you get from PvP. Two of the five recipes require seventy-five Gallant Emblems and the other 3 require 50. In the past few months there have been events where by doing certain things over a certain amount of days, you could get secret recipes. During the KOV event, you were able to get one per character and each of these secret recipes gave three random recipes for your secondary profession (out of accessory crafting, smithing, or alchemy). If you didn’t have one of those three, you got three random recipes. There was also another event where you could get three secret recipes per character, each giving three recipes. As for how to make them, you need level 10 accessory crafting to have a 100% chance of crafting them successfully. If you have level 9, I believe you’d only have a 67% chance. The lower your crafting level, the less chance of successful crafting.  After you have level 10 accessory crafting and the recipes, you double-click the recipes in your use inventory and they are programmed into your profession where you can craft them one time each. After they are programmed in, you need to get the materials. Each Rising Sun equip requires 30 Gallant Emblems to craft. Each piece requires a different amount of each material aside from Gallant Emblems which each Rising Sun equip needs 30 to craft” 

Q4. What is the most powerful piece?

A4. “The most powerful is the Rising Sun Pendant. It only gives 2 weapon and magic attack on average but it gives an average of 16 to STR, DEX, INT, and LUK. The face paint and ring both give 4 weapon and magic attack on average but the ring gives 6 to each of the 4 stats. The face paint gives 3 to each.”

Q5. What is the stat bonus for equipping all the pieces?

A5. “By having the entire Rising Sun Set equipped, you get an additional 20 STR, DEX, INT, and LUK as well as 6 Battle Mode ATT. Battle Mode ATT is your damage in PvP.”

Q6. From 1 to 10, how dramatic is the damage increase with Rising Sun set?

A6. “It’s kind of hard to say because it took me a long time to get all 5 pieces and after getting a new piece I’d equip it and I’d always have it on while I PvP’ed. So, my damage would gradually increase but I’d have to say that if I tested it by playing a PvP match without using any then played a match with all of them I’d say that it would most likely be a 10.”

Q7. What do you think of the appearance of each piece and/or the entire set?

A7. “Well, like all pendants, rings, and belts you don’t see them, but the face paint looks pretty cool. The earrings are okay, but I pictured them looking cooler when I looked at them in my inventory. The earrings’ shape is definitely different than most other earrings.”

Q8. During the making of it, how many Mesos did you have to spend?

A8. “I mined for all of my Wisdom Crystals, LUK crystals, and lidiums. The Gallant Emblems were free but took the longest to get. The abrasives could all be bought from NPCs for a low amount so only things I really paid for were the Superior Item Crystals. Currently, they are worth about ten million each and I had a hard time getting my own, so I bought most of them from a friend who sold me them half off. So, it cost 5 million each. It was probably about 100 million at least. 

Q9. How long did it take you to complete the set?

A9. “About three months.”

Q10. Is there anything else you would like to include in regards to the Rising Sun equipment?

A10 . “Well first off,  in the end it was definitely worth it. The face paint and ring can’t have potential but the earrings, pendant, and belt can. Each give three battle mode attack. By having three of the five pieces equipped, you get 200 accuracy and avoidability, 4 battle mode attack, and by having four of them equipped, you would get all that, 5 battle mode attack, and 400 hp and mp. With all five  you get the five set effect as well as the three and four set effects, so by having all five you get thirty battle mode attack, 200 accuracy and avoidability, 400 hp and mp, and 20 STR, DEX, INT, and LUK. The Rising Sun equips can be equipped by any class and the earrings are the only piece that don’t have weapon and magic attack, so I’d say they are the worst and should be the last ones you should craft.”

Rising Sun Set

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