[31] MistralxX | ETC Gathering

MistralxX | Battle Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. What monsters do you usually gather ETC items from?

A1. “Well, mostly Orange Mushrooms, Stumps, or any monster I can find in the area of a map. I collect ETC items from any monsters I see, but it sometimes varies on where I am.”

Q2. What do these monsters drop?

A2. “[They drop] Mushroom Caps, Branches, Snail Shells, Red Ribbons, and Squishy Liquids.”

Q3. When do you stop collecting the ETC items?

A3. “I stop when my inventory gets very full. I keep cleared some spots for quests I do, though.”

Q4. What do you do after gathering them?

A4. “I sell them to the NPC merchants in the stores or any random scroll seller I see.”

Q5. How many Mesos do you get per stop?

A5. “About 100 or more, but less when it’s arrows.”

Q6. What’s the best thing about collecting ETC items?

A6. “You get Mesos! Well you sometimes get rare or high level equips you could keep for later on. And it’s fun. I feel like I’m doing a scavenger hunt!”

Q7. What’s the best thing about each stop?

A7. “Well it’s gets exciting when you something that’ll give you great Mesos.”

Q8. What’s the worst part?

A8. “[The worst part is] getting arrows. I can’t sell them! It only gives me 0 Mesos! [The worst part is] also getting equips for another class.”

Q9. By the end of the day, how many Mesos do you have from doing this repeated pattern?

A9. “I get about 67,000, 70,000, or maybe less like 30,000 Mesos.”

Q10. Would you recommend players to start collecting ETC items? Why or why not?

A10. “I do recommend players to collect ETC and collecting things in huge batches like a 100 will get you lots of Mesos.”

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