[32] Naao | Town of Ardentmill

  Naao | Paladin | Bera | GMS

Q1. What is the town of Ardentmill used for and known as?

A1. “Ardentmill is Maplestory’s Crafting town. It’s were Maplers can make equipment and items, like potions.”

Q2. Where can you find the town?

A2. “You can find the town in any of Maple World’s cities. It’s the arch with orange roof.”

Q3. Are the NPC’s useful there?

A3. “They are very useful. Even more after the Legends update.”

Q4. Can you buy anything such as scrolls or equipment inside?

A4. “Sometimes if you ask around other players will make and sell you equipment.  As for scrolls, they aren’t sold there. However, you can get crafting recipes to create the higher level equipment and potions.”

Q5. Can you fight monsters and train in Ardentmill?

A5. “Nope. Ardentmill has no monsters at all. You can train your professions and level up your character traits such as charm and empathy.”

Q6. Is the town usually crowded?

A6. “On Bera, channel 1 is rather busy. Lately though Ardentmill is crowded even on the higher channels because of the Legends events.”

Q7. Does the environment remind you of anything?

A7. “A small little town settled in the mountains of Maple World.  I really think it is a pretty place.”

Q8. When was the town released?

A8. “It was first opened in the Chaos update, The Age of Artisans.”

Q9. Do you think Nexon did a great job on developing it?

A9. “Absolutely! The town is well organized and materials are easy to acquire.”

Q10. What are some changes you think Nexon should make in Ardentmill?

A10. “I think Nexon should raise the level cap for professions. Also add more recipes to the NPCs. Other than that, I think Nexon did a fabulous job with the town. I almost never want to leave!”

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