[33] SageFIip | Phantom (KMS)

SageFIip | Bishop | Windia | GMS

Q1. When was the new Phantom job released?

A1. “December 28, 2011.”

Q2. From one to ten, how fun/exciting was playing as a Phantom?

A2. “I would say an 8 because of it’s an unique playing style among other classes I’ve played before.”

Q3. Do you know anything about the storyline behind the mysterious job?

A3. “From what I understand, the Phantom was a master thief that could have anything he ever wanted. But the reason he decided to be one of the legendary Heroes was after the death of someone close to him, and what he wanted was to exact revenge. As Freud (Evan) remarked, it was like something was stolen from him.”

Q4. What makes the Phantom so one of a kind?

A4. “The Phantom is unique in that it has the ability to “steal” skills from Adventurers. Once a skill is “stolen,” the Phantom can use that skill at any time, regardless of any weapon requirements to use that skill. In essence, the Phantom has the ability to use mostly any Adventurer skill, especially party buff skills.”

Q5. What weapon(s) does he use?

A5. “The Phantom uses a Cane to attack. (Set aside, yes this could imply that he’s kind of like a pimp. He’s got the cane and he could get whatever he wanted. He has a pimped out ship. He has women… *shot*). While he does use a Cane for his own skills and attacks, he does have an ability to form any other weapon in order to activate skills from other Adventurers. For example, you’d see him wield a spear when you have the Phantom cast Hyper Body.”

Q6. How effective are his skills for mobbing monsters and dealing high damage?

A6. “He has decent skills that can be used to herd mobs, and his attacks deal moderate damage per hit, but what he lacks a little in power and range. His skills excel at attacking speed, and that speed adds up to some of the highest DPS’s [Damage Per Second] I’ve ever seen from a class.”

Q7. What are the Phantom’s advantages to any other job?

A7. “His ability to steal skills makes him extremely versatile. One could argue that he could be the ultimate buff mule with being able to use most of the major party buff skills at his disposal, but not without a few catches.”

Q8. What about his disadvantages? What are they?

A8. “One, he is the weakest class I’ve ever seen in terms of health. He has less HP than a Magician. While the Phantom has skills that increase his dodge rate, it’s meaningless if you can’t survive hits well in the first place. (That’s why most, if not all Phantom players, opt to steal Hyper Body at 2nd job.) Two, he has limits on his stolen skills. He can only remember a limited amount of skills for every job level. He can only use, at most, level 20 of a certain skill, even if the skill has a master level of 30. He has to manually select a skill from a certain job level. And three, going back to the major party buffs… It’s not that great to have level 20 Advanced Bless from a Phantom. Any party buff Phantoms cast will be at level 20 maximum. And even worse, should the Phantom cast a party buff skill and he changes that key to another skill, he will lose the party buff that he just casted. (The other party members however, won’t lose the buff.) And of course, the level 20 maximum only applies to whatever stolen party buff skills he may have.”

Q9. What changes do you think should be made before it is released into other versions (GMS, for instance)?

A9. “When I played one in KMS, we did not get free equips and pots via events like how it was with the Legend classes. I’m hoping that when this classes does come around to GMS, we’ll have these same events that will make playing this class a bit more bearable in terms of Mesos.”

Q10. When do you think the Phantom job be released in GMS? Is there anything else the readers should know about the new job before the release that you haven’t mentioned yet?

A10. “My guess is around late spring that the job will be released. But before that, we do have the anticipated Thief and Pirate revamps (not) to look forward to first.”


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