[34] EducationKid | Mini-Games

 WELCOME BACK, READERS! For the moment you’ve all been waiting for.. Interview 34!

EducationKid | Citizen | Khaini | GMS

Q1. What is your favorite Mini-Game? Why?

A1. “I really enjoy playing Omok more than Match Cards. Not only because I’ve always enjoyed ‘Five in a Row,’ but also because it’s more of a strategy-type of game.”

Q2.  Can you explain how Omok works?

A2. “It’s basically similar to a popular game, ‘Five in a Row.’ Instead, it’s just pieces that relate to the game. It isn’t that difficult to understand, so it’s suggested that you try it out.”

Q3. What do you think is the worst thing about Omok in general?

A3. “The only problem with this specific mini-game is that there isn’t too many of them around as they cannot be made by any NPC anymore. Although, match cards can still be made with Casey.”

Q4. What do you think Nexon should do to preserve the mini-game?

A4. “I think they should just allow it to be made with NPCs again. Simply like they do with match cards, hunt down the pieces and go to the NPC to make it.”

Q5. Excluding the preservation of the mini-game, how can Nexon improve it?

A5. “I think they can make a multiplayer kind of thing to it that will make the game much more fun to play. Basically, there would be more than two players in each round playing  on a bigger Omok table (hopefully) and it would still go with ‘the first one to get five in a row wins.’ Instead of two players, there will be more players on one set.”

Q6. That’s a great idea! Now let’s talk a little more about Matching Cards. Why is it your least favorite?

A6. “I just think it’s a dull game. Meaning, it’s kind of a boring game to me and there just doesn’t seem to be much to it. They might as well just change it to ‘Go Fish.’ That might be interesting, too. You aren’t allowed to see the other person’s cards and you simply use a chatbox to ask what cards they have.”

Q7. I agree. If you had the power, how would you change the Matching Cards mini-game?

A7. “I guess it isn’t such a bad game, but they should make the layout of it more appealing, I guess. They should add a stack of cards to make it more realistic.”

Q8. Do you think there should be alternate mini-games to play other than Omok and Matching Cards? If so, what should Nexon add?

A8. “Maybe something similar to Uno or Goldfish. I think both of those would be a favorite for many Maplers. It might even help Nexon if they charge something for it.”

Q9. From a 1 to 10, how would you rate your excitement as you play Omok?

A9. “A solid 8!”

Q10.  And finally, from 1 to 10, how would you rate the “dullness” of the Matching Cards mini-game? (10 being the most dull.)

A10. “Hm… Maybe like a 7 or 8!”

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