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ViralSwag | Battle Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. How long ago did you start playing MapleStory?

A1. “I started playing Maplestory in 2008, so when I was 12.”

Q2. What inspired you to play?

A2. “What inspired me was a bunch of things really. They were people I watched on YouTube like Coppersan, MesoTrampa and AsOne. Another thing that inspired me was seeing my friends play it.”

Q3. Since the first time you played, were there any goals you set for yourself or already accomplished?

A3. “Oh my… you’re going to love this one! So one of them was to hit 120. Now this is the funny part, before Big Bang I used to see everyone training at Coolie Zombies and I thought to myself “oh my god, I wanna go there and be like the other godly players!”, but I was really noobie. Anyway, my goal since then was to hit level 120 and train at Coolie Zombies like all the other godly players and now I achieved it.”

Q4. That happened to me before, too, but instead it was with the Dragon Rider. *HURHUR* Well, was there ever a weapon or armor you’ve always wanted, but was too weak to equip?

A4. “Well back then, everything wasn’t as interesting as it is now with all of the updates, but there was one set of armor I wanted. It was worn by Chief Bandits/Hermits (the class everyone chose pre big bang), but everyone always wore the studded top and pants, a Zakum helmet, and a Scarab or Craven as a weapon. I made a Chief Bandit 4 months ago and got to wear the studded armor, the Zakum Helmet, and the Dragon Tail, which everyone had at the time. Mine was fantastic though. It had 114 ATT and 3% LUK, but that’s off-topic.”

Q5. That’s awesome! That feeling of success is inexplicable. After Big Bang was released, what was your first reaction? What incentivized you to move on?

A5. “After Big Bang was released, I was ecstatic. I was ready to try out the new classes with my friend in business class and see all of the new changes. What incentivized me to move on were all of the new opportunities and classes along with the brand new skills and enhanced gameplay.”

Q6. Have you ever given up hope with a goal you were really confident of achieving?

A6. “Yes, so many times actually. Just the goal of achieving the fourth job on certain classes like Bowmasters, Chief Bandits, Heroes, Night Lords, and Shadowers. I tried it with my Dawn Warrior (Level 106), my almost-third-job deleted Thunderbreaker, and my Level 106 and deleted Wind Archer.”

Q7. What inspired you to get your Battle Mage on the fourth job?

A7. “I love this question. Anyway, what inspired me to get there were the skills and watching two people on YouTube: AsOne and MisaTrampo. He also inspired me to make the Battle Mage guides.”

Q8. What made you give up hope on getting to fourth job on those other characters?

A8. “The gameplay was really boring. It was just spamming keys. Also the fact that some of the skills weren’t the best at mobbing, so it would take a lot of patience to grind and finally was the amount of EXP.”

Q9. Yeah, EXP grinding is such a tedious process. Do you plan on getting another character to fourth job any time soon?

A9. “Yes I do and you will see it because I will record it! The two characters I would like to level are my Level 83 Aran and my Level 34 Jett.”

Q10. Do you think you’ve inspired anyone after a long four years of playing?

A10. “I think I have, judging by my comments. Everyone tells me that I help them and inspire them to play the classes that I make guides for. So yeah, I guess I do… but for all my subscribers reading this, thanks guys! I couldn’t have done it without you! J”

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