[36] IDatBishop | Life of a Cleric

IDatBishop | Cleric | Bera | GMS

Q1. What “mission” do you think Clerics are responsible for?

A1. “I think Clerics aren’t really responsible for anything. They can be very powerful alone, like against Zakum, or they can be very helpful in the healing and buffing department.”

Q2. What do you think is a Cleric’s most powerful and useful skill?

A2. “To me, a Clerics most powerful and useful skill is mostly all of them but if I had to pick one it would have to be Genesis or Invincible, just for the sheer fact that Genesis can kick anything’s butt, and Invincible can really help you or a party member or friend in a tight pinch.”

Q3. How do other players look up to you or see you, being a Cleric?

A3. “Well, as I don’t play on my Cleric anymore, when I did play on it, people kept on asking for buffs and heal, but when I ask for something in return, they just change channels or walk away, which gets me a little bit irritated, but I got over it. There are those kinds of Maplers in the world.”

Q4. That’s upsetting. It would be nice if more Maplers were grateful for having generous players around. What kinds of rewards do you sometimes ask for?

A4. “Well often if they were higher levels, then I would ask for a leech, but if they were a lower level I would just ask for a few thousand Mesos. Nothing much.”

Q5. That’s not too much to ask for! Was it always like this? Do you still see it with other Clerics, even though you don’t play on yours anymore?

A5. “Well, most of the time when I see Clerics, uber nubzors (noobs) are always chasing them and asking for Invincible, Heal, and Bless. Once they give them one of the three, or all of them, they just run off and they don’t even say “thank you!” If I asked for buffs or Heal, I would leave maybe 10K (10,000) on the ground for him or her.”

Q6. This makes me wonder, what made you want to become a Cleric? Did you know you’d encounter these small problems along your adventures?

A6. “Ever since I saw Josh (ThatWasMyKil) in his YouTube videos, seeing him do all that “over-the-top” damage, I wanted to be a Cleric. Sadly I did know that I would encounter these problems over the time. Whenever I see a class do “godly damage” I always think “Oh, they’re gonna be badass and kick butt.” *One Job Advancement later* “DEAR GOD! THIS THING IS A PIECE OF CRAP!”

Q7. This is happens to me ALL the time, and I think tons of other Maplers out there, too! I just get too overconfident with MapleStory. Anyways, what are the absolute best things about being a Cleric?

A7. “The absolute best thing about being a Cleric is Heal. Nothing else.”

Q8. That’s it?! Oh mai.. Are there more disadvantages to Clerics than advantages? What are the disadvantages, other than ungrateful parties?

A8. “There aren’t really more or less advantages/disadvantages. Although, one of the disadvantages of being a Cleric is that even though you have Heal, you still are a Magician. You have low HP, but very high MP. Another one is that you don’t have the best range in the world, besides with Heal against Undead enemies. Holy Arrow isn’t the strongest either, which basically leaves you training on Scarecrows at level 35.”

Q9. This is the reason why Clerics enjoy leeching so much, folks! How would you improve the gameplay of a Cleric?

A9. “I would improve the gameplay by giving Clerics many other moves besides Holy Arrow, maybe like a Holy Bomb or something like that,  and make it so you have more HP than the other Magician classes. Otherwise I would keep it the same.”

Q10. Holy Bomb? That sounds interesting! Finally, would you recommend a Cleric to the readers?

A10. “Personally, I would not suggest Cleric to your readers, unless you are willing to be bugged the crap out of for heal and other buffs. I would personally suggest Mercedes when they come back, because they are fast and have lots of Area of Effect attacks.”

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