[37] Koshenya | Luminous

Koshenya | Night Lord | Broa | GMS

Q1. What is the story behind Luminous?

A1. Luminous is the final hero class (another mage). His story-line is pretty straightforward. Basically, he is the last hero to join in the battle against the Black Mage. Of course he ends up attacking him by himself, as the others do. He is angry at the Black Mage for what he has done to his friends (the other heroes). At first he is losing, dodging attack after attack, but then he finally meets the Black Mage in a battle of pure power, and blacks out.  He awakens to find himself in a forest near Ellinia. A girl named Rania finds him there, and takes him into her home. The two become great friends, and Rania reteaches him about the Maple World (Luminous lost his memory). But then, while the two of them are walking through the forest, Luminous’ power surges, and destroys Rania’s home, and leaves her close to death. It is then that the player can choose between light or dark. However, this choice only affects first job skills, and an element specific damage increase (if you choose light, you get a skill that increases all light damage.)

Q2. What kind of job is it?

A2. Luminous is a Mage. He uses a secondary weapon, like all the newer classes, called the orbBasically, a way to get more INT % on him. He uses both light and dark skills, and you have a choice over which type is more dominant.

Q3. What do you like the most about it?

A3. I like the fact that it was given the choice between light and dark. It is a good internal struggle that is a mature story line for Nexon. On top of the story part of light/dark, whichever element you choose becomes dominant in damage.

Q4. When was it released in KMS?

A4. To my knowledge, it was released in KMS on July 12th.

Q5. Are there any advantages Luminous has against any other classes?

A5. All classes have advantages over others, although some unique to Luminous would have to be its attacking range. It has several attacks which can be aimed using your arrow keys, allowing you to attack monsters in nearly any direction and on nearly any platform.

Q6. What is the most and least useful skill?

A6. I would say that pretty much all the skills are useful. Certain skills are unavailable until you reach a certain number of combos, so that is inconvenient more than anything.

Q7. Is there a new map because of the release?

A7. Yes there is! There are some new tutorial maps, including the woods outside of Rania’s house, and her house itself, which is pretty cool. Then there is the mysterious map that is his hometown, Serenity. It is somewhat futuristic, and reminds me of some of the Black Wings’ maps.

Q8. Do you think many MapleStory players will attempt making one?

A8. I’m sure they will, although I’m not sure if many will get one to a high level. They have complex gameplay, which many bandwagoners can’t appreciate. Most people want a simple class that they can create, and instantly feel strong. But while Luminous is strong and possibly a bit overpowered, its gameplay requires combos and buttons pressed at certain times, making it less spam-able and more requiring of skill.

Q9. What do you think Nexon should do to make gameplay as Luminous better?

A9. The skills themselves are very well designed, although one complaint I would have would be that some of the skills are a bit unattractive. If they could change the appearance of some of these skills, I think more people would find them cool.

Q10. When do you think Luminous will be released in GMS?

A10. As usual, GMS receives updates 5-8 months later than KMS. Depending on how GMS does it, we can expect to see Luminous in this time range.

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