[38] Rayque | The Almighty Ribgol Sword


Rayque | Hero | Kradia | EMS

Q1. What is a Ribgol Sword?

A1. A Ribgol Sword is a level 100 two-handed sword for the warrior class. It is a blue glowing black sword build up in segments; every segment has a straight piece of blade, connected to a tooth. Its cross-guard is a round plate, and its grip is a long, bent cylinder. Its last segment is a somewhat larger, gray colored tooth. The sword is probably based on the Shikai form of Zabimaru, the weapon of Renji Abarai from the anime Bleach. It is also known as Stonetooth Sword in Global MapleStory.


It is one of the few two-handed swords that also requires DEX instead of only strength, in fact, Ribgol only needs 120 DEX and no strength at all. In the older MapleStory, Ribgol Sword was part of the “DEX is speed” series of weapons. Other examples that share the same group are Night Raven’s Wing and Crimson Arcglaive. Ribgol Sword has the speed Fast 5, making it at this moment the fastest highest level two-handed sword. Now, DEX is also required for higher level weapons and gear (the DEX requirement for these will be removed in later patches) and there have also been other Fast 5 two-handed swords without the DEX requirement (for example Benishigure / Red Shower and Bain Sword) later on the game.


Before the Big Bang patch it dropped at three places (excluding Gachapon / Pigmy).

– The first area where Ribgol Sword could been found was from the level 115 boss Black Crow. The boss spawns in Zipangu, in the area Pine Forest, at the map “Encounter with the Buddha”. Before Big Bang it did 8000 damage, which he did every second, giving the Mapler no rest, but after Big Bang his damage has been reduced greatly (it only does up to 2000 damage for a few Maplers). However, after Big Bang he lost the Ribgol Sword drop in most versions.

– The second area where Ribgol Sword could be found is from the level 100 monsters Head Ninja in Kaede Castle in Zipangu. The monster and area has been renamed in Global MapleStory into Ninto and Ninja Castle. Head Ninja’s are one of the few World Tour monsters (excluding bosses) which have one of the most horrible spawn rates. The monster spawns in the last few maps of Kaede Castle. The best map for its spawn is “Room 1”, the last map filled with monsters in the final hallway to the level 180 boss Tonosama (he is renamed to Castellan in Global MapleStory). You can still find Ribgol Sword from Head Ninja.

– The third area where Ribgol Sword could be found is in the “Grand Hall of the Great Sage”, located in “Dong Fang Shen Zhou”. For the Maplers who are not familiar with the name “Dong Fang Shen Zhou”, it’s the World Tour for China MapleStory (like Zipangu is for Japan MapleStory). It drops from the Level 130 boss Golden Giant, which did 15000 damage to Maplers as the same speed as Female Boss did. At least, this is only for Japan MapleStory. The original version from China MapleStory is just a regular monster. After Big Bang the boss version from Japan MapleStory has been reduced in damage, the same as the aforementioned Black Crow, so that Maplers can take the boss down with less trouble.

There is one very important thing to notice. Ribgol Sword is not exactly the same as Stonetooth Sword, besides for the different ID (Ribgol Sword is 01402060 and Stonetooth Sword is 01402037), its stats are also different. Ribgol Sword’s maximum attack can reach 108, while Stonetooth Sword only can reach 105. However, there has been an old event in Global MapleStory where you could find a Stonetooth with over 106 attack also, only this event was a few years ago and thus 106+ attack Stonetooths are in Global MapleStory incredibly rare.

Also, Ribgol Sword as a name has been misunderstood and somehow in common cases, typed incorrectly as “Rigbol Sword”. I do not have any clue how Maplers have made that typo, but it seems to be typed as that many times.

Q2. Why did you want it so badly?

A2. Actually that is a funny story, at least for me it is. I had a chat once with a good friend of mine, and we were talking about end-game weapons. At that time, the best weapons in Global MapleStory were Dragon equips of level 110, and even Reverse or Timeless has yet to be made by Korea MapleStory. I haven’t thought about my end-game weapon at that date and I had to choose something from a list of existing swords. A black saw-looking sword appealed me from its looks and it was a Fast sword, so I took the sword named Stonetooth Sword.

As time passes, my feelings for the sword increased and I felt bonded with it. First at the chat is was just merely a choice to answer a question, but in a few years I felt addicted to it. Seeing how long it took to get the sword has even motivated me more to get it.

The craving for the sword didn’t do me that much right. My “love” for the sword got spread through Europe MapleStory. I got known as “the Mapler who couldn’t afford or get his dream weapon” and people used that fact as a disadvantage for me. I got cyber bullied because of that fact and some people didn’t even want to let me join boss runs, guilds or even adding him or her into their buddy list because I haven’t got a decent sword. Also, I love playing Europe MapleStory but it wasn’t that fun without the so-called black saw-looking sword itself.

Q3. How long did it take you to find the sword?

A3. I started my main character Rayque in 30 September 2007. I never quitted Europe MapleStory on that character since that date, and I still play actively. Near the beginning of 2008, I had the aforementioned chat considering end-game weapons with my good friend. Since that date I wanted Ribgol Sword and I had a long 3-yeared journey. The journey wasn’t fun; it was actually a pain for me.


Back in 2008, the first thing that I had to do was waiting until Ribgol Sword got released. I was hoping for Pine Forest, since that was the only reasonable patch for Europe MapleStory back then. I didn’t expect Kaede Castle or Dong Fang Shen Zhou in our versions, since those are rare patches that only a few MapleStory got.

Time passes, and Ribgol Sword eventually got released in Autumn 2010, but only in Gachapon. I thought it was a salvation since that was 2 years already, but the hell started since that release date. I thought Ribgol Sword was in the Mushroom Shrine Gachapon, and I thought that soon Ribgol would be common and affordable, even for me. After a few months my hope went away, since in those months only a few Ribgol Swords has been found, less than 15. It seems that Ribgol Sword can be obtained from Ludibrium and Perion, and actually people in Europe MapleStory rarely do these. Imagine, an insane low drop rate, with people who barely try the required Gachapon, will end up with a very limited supply. In fact, Ribgol Sword became a “leet” equip, meaning that only the richest of the game had one, or even, could afford one.

Europe MapleStory got Crimsonwood Keep in the first patch of 2011. I took a break from looking for Ribgol Sword and I had to get a temporary sword to keep my damage reasonable, since I was using a 107 attack Benishigure. I’ve hunted a Night Raven’s Wing from the Exchange Quest, it took me 5 full weeks of hunting badges to get it. In fact, it seemed that I had one of the few 15 Raven Wings in Europe MapleStory. (Raven Wings were so rare in Europe MapleStory because of that not many people succeeded in finding one and the droplist is still, after Legends patch, bugged. You can’t even find a single Raven Wing from the exchange anymore.)

My hopes went away for a location where you could obtain Ribgol Sword by defeating monsters, since it seems that almost every MapleStory after Big Bang who had Black Crow, lost its Ribgol Sword drop. As I mentioned before, I didn’t expect Kaede Castle or Dong Fang Shen Zhou.

In Summer of 2011, Big Bang was released, and it seemed that the patch is almost twice as large as the regular ones, so I was really curious what has been released. That also explains the 20-hour patching of Big Bang, Nexon Europe added even more useful content instead of only the regulars.

So, when I was looking around in MapleStory after the Big Bang patch, my first thoughts was looking in Zipangu. I saw that Zipangu was totally changed and I got an adrenaline rush when I saw the NPC “Crystal” and “Palankeen”. I checked out the maps and I found out that we got Pine Forest, Kaede Castle AND the rare Neo Tokyo. I became really happy that day, packed up a lot of potions, made space on my mules, and started my journey to hunt Ribgol Sword in Kaede Castle.

So, I have been hunting Ribgol Sword that date. People I knew found a Ribgol Sword, sometimes two in 60 hours, but… I haven’t found a single Ribgol Sword in 115 hours. If you know how much monsters that would be, let us say that I have looted 38.000 of the ECT leftover drops and that Head Ninja’s do not drop them after every kill. I still have about 36.000 on mules left, since you need them to enter Neo Tokyo.

I actually decided to buy a Ribgol Sword instead, since hunting it is unreliable and I still had the chance of finding a low or under average attack. I was poor, I haven’t got any reliable source of making money at that date. One problem was, I was so forced on a high attack Ribgol Sword, that I missed out all other decent deals…

I wanted to trade my rare Night Raven’s Wing for a Ribgol Sword, the funny thing was, Night Raven’s Wing is even rarer than Ribgol Sword in Europe MapleStory. I used a few Item Megaphones but didn’t end up with a good deal. I was looking around in a shop in Free Market and I found a Mapler who sold a Ribgol Sword, 147 attack, 3 lined epic Potential: 3% + 3% total damage, 6% attack rate. His shop name was “Offer on this sword”, so I did. I tried to offer my Night Raven’s Wing, but he got disconnected. I couldn’t find him anymore, so I wasn’t really happy since that Ribgol Sword is very good! I did use another Item Megaphone, and some guy whisped me to trade his “147 attack, 3 lined epic Potential with 6% total damage and 6% attack rate” for my Night Raven’s Wing. It seemed, it was that guy from Free Market! He wanted to trade as soon as possible but he had to finish his Zakum run first. So, I had to wait, but when he was back, he said that he didn’t want to trade it anymore. However, he asked me that he wanted 2.500.000.000 Mesos for the Ribgol Sword (which is rather cheap; that Ribgol Sword was worth at that date) and he would wait. I appreciated the offer and I tried my best to get those 2.5b.

However, Big Bang and Chaos patch has helped me to get that Ribgol Sword. With the release of Neo Tokyo at Big Bang and Professions in the Chaos patch, I managed to get the required money. I sold my Night Raven’s Wing for 1.3b and manage to get the other Mesos by crafting Demon Shurikens (also known as Magic Throwing Knife) and selling Golden Android Hearts (which were very expensive back that date). So, I managed to get my Ribgol Sword in the beginning of 2012, to be precise, 4 January 2012.

Q4. What was a major obstacle you had to take down along the way?

A4. For me there were two obstacles.

First of all, the way that Nexon Europe has patched Europe MapleStory. By not releasing Pine Forest way before the Big Bang patch, together with the two unusual Gachapons (Ludibrium and Perion) where you can find it, Ribgol Sword was still expensive and rare. Ribgol Sword is now somewhat cheaper in price but we still haven’t got over 100 of them in Europe MapleStory, and that is no joke. It is still somewhat considered a “leet”-sword since a high attack clean Ribgol Sword is even more expensive than the Von Leon or Empress two-handed sword in Europe MapleStory. The average or under average attack go for junk prices since a lot of Maplers want to get a high attack.

The second obstacle, was myself. I did the 115 hours of hunting with ease, since I can endure hunts and grinds for a very long time. Waiting and working the past 3 years is something I can endure also, but it did discourage me sometimes, because of seeing that I haven’t got the sword yet and some time has passed by again, and that time was accumulating weeks, those in months, that in (small amount of) years, enabling me to see that the dream of getting a Ribgol Sword may be impossible or that the goal was too high for me. As a friend of mine said to me, “Nothing is impossible, unless you say so”. It was mostly my own feelings that let me think of considering to quit the dream, but I overcame those feelings and just resumed until I got it.

Q5. Was there any point in your journey where you felt the urge to give up?

A5. Yes, I had some points where I had the urge to give up. Mostly it was because of that people cyber bullied me or that I couldn’t find a Ribgol Sword at Head Ninja’s after some passed time. You know, 3 years is quite long, and waiting 3 years to get one of your dreams is for most people something they just quit after a few months, if not, weeks or days. However, despite those feelings, I ignored my own negative thoughts and resumed my struggle to get it now and then.

Q6. How long has it been since you’ve had the Ribgol Sword?

A6. As aforementioned, I have my Ribgol Sword since 4 January 2012, so I use it for just a half year right now. I felt that since that date, the game was much more fun since I finally got my biggest dream of MapleStory.

Sadly, as my struggle has been spread through the community, there are still people who try to hack my character or scam my Ribgol Sword so that I feel horrible again. You can hack me all you want and steal my Ribgol Sword, but remember that I will resume my Ribgol Sword hunt again and get a new one.

Q7. Do you think it’ll be your end-game weapon?

A7. Yes, I already planned it in 2008, as mentioned before. Even when Ribgol Sword is losing its spot as one of the best swords in-game by the time with new weapons, I still have my “love” for the sword. I know how to maximize the damage of Ribgol Sword and how I could achieve it, so that my Ribgol Sword still can be strong and kept in the race versus the new weapons. You know, 3 years also enables you to find out how to maximize your potential of your weapon. It’s not only the weapon that counts in-game, but the weapon is at its best when you make a good combination with the right equips.

Q8. Are you on any other similar journeys at the moment?

A8. Actually, I am. I had a bad youth in the past, started my life the wrong way. I manage to change my life the right way and I’m fulfilling similar dreams like my Ribgol Sword. Two of them are getting the love of my life and also, my largest dream, actually my life its goal, working at Lego. If you find the struggle of Ribgol Sword in 3 years much, I’m working my way to reach Lego the past 14 years. I still have a few years to get there, but I know I’m going to be one of the new Lego designers.

Q9. If you had the opportunity to trade your Ribgol Sword for a godly weapon that’s twice as powerful, would you do it?

A9. Nope.

Q10. Do you have anything else to share about your journey?

A10. Yes I do. I see that we humans mostly take the opportunities that will happen with the highest chance, things that seems reasonable to achieve, and ignore the lowest chances or things that seems not likely to happen. After all in the end of the lives of the people who do that, they have small regrets of not following their heart. Also, we humans seem to give up dreams by emotions, instead of ignoring their feelings and trying to succeed it. My point is, you should never give up your dreams and go for it.

“You can dream about everything, but nothing of those will be real if you just think of them. Work hard, and let them be reality.”

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