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FWCrimson | Phantom | Nova | GMS

Q1. How would you describe the animation community in five words or less?

A1. “Talented, diverse group of people.”

Q2. What does the animation community do that’s so different from everybody else?

A2. “People automatically assume that all animators in our community use Flash to animate. That can’t be farther from the truth, though. Our community uses several different mediums to animate MapleStory sprites, such as Sony Vegas and Adobe Fireworks.”

Q3. Where can you find the community?

A3. We usually center ourselves in forums, most notably Maplemation, and New Gen Anime (NGA). These forums are great for getting started in the community, as they have several tutorials for each of the major animating programs. They range from simple basics to very advanced techniques.

Q4. Is there competition between the animators in these forums? What happens when you share your work?

A4. “There is that invisible tension of competition. Everyone has their rivals that they’re trying to best. Sharing your work is the only way to get better, I believe. Posting them on the forums and asking for “C’n’C” (comment and criticize) will get you just that, more experienced animators looking to nurture the next generation. They will always be happy to give advice and critique for beginners who show clear passion for the community, and animation in general.”

Q5. What about YouTube? Would you consider it a promising source of inspiration for beginner animators?

A5. “Almost all of the big name animators are on YouTube already, showing off their work. Almost everyone I see now, that’s coming into the animation community, has been inspired by another, very talented animator. YouTube is a very promising source for both growth, and inspiration.”

Q6. How long have you been an animator? Have you displayed any sort of success along the way?

A6. “I have been animating for about 2 years now, but never really picked up steam until late last year, when I started getting promoted and tutored by a very popular animator, “crazychristyler714” or “Auramaster”. It’s thanks to him, and several other animators, that I animate at the skill level I do today. I have a maple series in production at the moment, titled “Fallen Wings” which will hopefully debut in Radio-Play form in the fall.”

Q7. What would you say is the best part about being an animator? Are there any benefits?

A7. “I believe animation has forced me to push myself in ways I never thought were possible, and seeing the positive comments on YouTube give me a massive sense of pride and accomplishment in my work. It has taught me to appreciate myself as a person, and to roll with whatever punches come my way. Flash is not exactly an easy program to work with, and crashes all the time, often wiping out hours of work, so a lot of patience is required, and being a part of the community has taught me that. Honestly, though, the best part is the recognition you get from fans and peers, I’ve made a ton of new, very close friends because of it.”

Q8. Would you recommend a reader to try out animation?

A8. “Of course, go browsing through YouTube for MBR’s and MMV’s. See if it is something you would like to do. Animation is a very grueling process though, the programs can be intimidating when you first open it up, and you really have to have the want to it, or else you’ll just get frustrated and give up. If you are serious about becoming one though, I would suggest visiting Maplemation or NGA and checking out some of the tutorials there, they can make Flash, Fireworks, or even Sony Vegas extremely simple to use. Practice the basics, and branch out into even more complicated animations. In the animation world, the only way to go is up!”

Q9. Do you think animation is something you’re willing to bring forward for the rest of your life?

A9. “Of course. Right now it is simply a hobby of mine, but I would love to go to school, and learn how to animate professionally. The same goes for Voice acting, which goes hand-in-hand with animating.”

Q10. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers about the animation community?

A10. “The community is much bigger then can be shown. Animators, Spriters, Voice actors, Musicians, Artists, They’re all welcome in the community. The goal is finding your niche, but once you find it, you’ll find some friends for life. The community is vast, but we all share that one common element: We all love this game we call ‘MapleStory’”

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