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shakar96 | Dawn Warrior | Broa | GMS

Q1. What MapleStory-based activities do you do the most?

A1. “The most MapleStory-based activities I do the most are blogging, extracting WZ, hacking, and chatting (about MapleStory).”

Q2. Is it difficult being active in so many MapleStory communities?

A2. “Yes, it’s pretty difficult to be active in so many MapleStory communities, mainly because I rarely play the game anymore. Sometimes I encounter a topic about a recent (or, not so recent) update that I didn’t actually pay attention to or experience in-game, and it’s difficult to assimilate into the conversation. You’ll also see a lot of hesitance in my response; I always either “troll” or say words that express my doubt such as “I think” or “I don’t know.” Another thing is that I don’t really belong into those communities. To be honest, I’m not a gamer anymore. MapleStory is the only game I ever played, and now I don’t even play that. Believe it or not, but I’m completely lost when I hear references to Skyrim (i.e. I was an adventurer until I took an arrow to my knee or something like that^^) or even the popular game Call of Duty (one of the only boys in the world who hadn’t played that game, I’m such a disgrace). Lastly, it’s also problematic because I touch numerous different fields of the game, and sometimes I mix them up in discussions. By that I mean that I can sometimes drift into talking about hacks on BasilMarket, where hacking is frowned upon, whereas I can talk on GamerSoul about, uh, legit stuff. So to answer your question, yes, it’s difficult. Thus, I am rarely active on those communities but rather log on whenever I’m bored.”

Q3. What is your favorite community?

A3. “Haha, that’s a good question. I might have to break down some of the communities I am/was a part of. BasilMarket – Good for trolling without getting caught. Leafre – Good for spamming the shout box. GamerSoul – Great for both the chat box and the hacks distributed. RageZone – Good for raging, hence the name. Southperry – Fun to compete with Fiel in extractions, mainly because you know that you are using HIS tools against him. EllinForest – Trolling, as well as messing with the junior guild leaders and letting them invite you and then expel you moments after (something I haven’t done since I got banned from the forum, just saying). GameKiller – Posting pictures and annoying moderators. I can’t think of any other communities, but I think that’s about it. In short, I don’t have a favorite community; I use(d) all the communities for different purposes.”

Q4. Do you play MapleStory as often anymore?

A4. “NO. Not at all. During Beta, I used to play for 8 hours or more a day (my school, at the time, ended at 12 P.M. so I had lots and lots of time to play even after playing basketball and soccer after school). The next year, I lowered it to about ~1 hour. The year after that, I didn’t play at all. No games for the entire year. However, I soon came back to it when I realized that my friend also came back to it, and I pretty much stayed involved in MapleStory. I still didn’t really play; just got involved. Now I can’t stand playing for more than 15 minutes straight… The game is much too boring for me to play, hence why I got to level 115 on the day Big Bang was released and never went past that level. No motivation whatsoever.”

Q5. How do you keep your blog active, even without playing all the time?

A5. “Haha, blogging about KMS doesn’t take much. All I need to do is translate the notes on the website and extract the WZ changes of each patch. Although, it does require me to go in-game and, thus, I occasionally do, but I don’t have to actually play like crazy. The only bad side is that I can grab pictures of low-leveled content, but not for anything for high levels. You’ll see that most of my KMST videos are of players up to 3rd job, which is pretty embarrassing since the EXP rates in KMST are so high that I could level to 17X in a matter of hours. However, again, no patience and it’s bad when I have to report content for high-leveled players. Again, though, I mainly present extractions, notes, or materials from people who, unlike me, can reach to high levels and test the new content (with credit, chill people), and therefore my inactivity and indifference to the game are not a problem.”

Q6. Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished with the blog so far?

A6. “To be honest, not really. I wanted to do much more than just a ‘blog,’ but I was also busy with real-life stuff that I couldn’t accomplish anything I wanted. However, I am pretty proud of my success especially since I’m so inept at journalism (you can obviously tell by even looking at the poll at the right. “Suck so many exotic round materials,” really?), and the amount of daily views I get doubled when I really started to slack off and use words such as “LOL” or memes of any kind.”

Q7. What makes you go online and what do you do as you play?

A7. “The only thing that makes me go online is a patch. I’m not interested in any events or training, I’m only interested in testing new content. I literally log in, go try the new thing (whether it’s a job, party quest, or anything else that’s not an event), take pictures/record videos, and close MapleStory.”

Q8. Would you consider yourself well-known among the other Maplers?

A8. “I would consider myself infamous among other Maplers. I’m not well-known in-game, but I’m known for my wrongdoings on MapleStory communities such as BasilMarket. I receive much attention from other Maplers, but most of the attention is bad.”

Q9. Do you have any future plans?

A9. “Yes, I do. None that I wish to discuss, however.”

Q10. When do you think you’ll stop playing MapleStory?

A10. “Good question. I think I will stop really soon, in a matter of a couple of years. 2~3 years tops, I’d say.”

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