[41] BanditBunny | Dragon’s Nest & More!

BanditBunny | Shadower | Kradia | EMS

Q1. What is your favorite party quest?

A1. “My favorite party quest is Dragon’s Nest. It gives you great exp even at my level and you get boxes which give items that can be turned into superior item crystals. So not only do you get exp you can make some profit too.”

Q2. I like that one, too! Are there any disadvantages to Dragon’s Nest?

A2. “Yes, when I stun a monster, which happens quite often they float down so you have to follow them which can be annoying at times. Besides that the last map in the PQ in which you have to face the Dragon Rider is laggy in EMS so that is a hazard to people who don’t have a good connection.”

Q3. Ah, yes! That can be quite a pain. What do you think should be done to improve this PQ?

A3. “I think the lag should be fixed. I’ve had times that my friends died from a potlag because they were in this map. Luckily I’m a Shadower so most of the times I just throw smokebomb and they’re safe.”

Q4. What other Party Quests do you think should be improved?

A4. “I think Escape PQ should be improved. The jump quests in there are too hard for a player like me to complete within the time limit. For people who can’t jump they are a nightmare. Apart from that I like the PQ’s how they are.”

Q5. I hate jump quests. What do you think about the Zakum Jump Quest?

A5. “I just can’t do it! I actually had a friend do mine for me because it was so hard.”

Q6. It took me two weeks to get it done, with about five tries a day. It takes practice and a smooth FPS! What was your favorite PQ when you were a lower level?

A6. “I did Romeo and Juliet from level 70 ~ 120. That was loads of fun, great exp too because you can grind at the 4th stage. I always went with a group of friends so it was nice. I don’t think Monster Park counts as a PQ but I like that one too. On my permanent beginner I like to do Crack of Dimension and the Kerning PQ.”

Q7. What kinds of new Party Quests would you like to see?

A7. “I’d like to see some PQ’s for higher level people. Not 120+ but around 160+ a tie-in to Future Henesys and Future Ereve would be very cool!”

Q8. That would be great! What’s the hardest thing about leveling a level 160+ character?

A8. “I think the hardest part is finding the motivation to do so. For example, right now I am a level 170 Shadower. I made this character at the beginning of the summer when I made some new friends. They really kept me going; they do PQ’s with me. We go questing together and so on. A good active guild is a plus too because they stimulate you to grow. They take you on bossruns and those kinds of things.”

Q9. That’s true! Do you think there should be a guild party quest?

A9. Yes! There was one before but they removed it. I hope it returns in some way. It would be fun to do a Guild PQ because it brings you together as a group. The competitive side is cool too. With the former Guild PQ there was this awesome scoreboard on which you could see what guilds were ‘the best’. It helps new people in guild with getting to know their guildies too!

Q10. I think it was removed in 2010? It was so fun! Is CWKPQ back, by the way? I there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

A10. “CWKPQ is back and it’s awesome! It has the only jump quests that I’ll ever be able to do and needs even more teamwork than regular PQ’s, the pendant is cool too! I’d like to tell you all that if you play in EMS you can always hit me up for some PQing! Also, never be shy about PQing with people you don’t know! It’s a great way to make new friends.”

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2 thoughts on “[41] BanditBunny | Dragon’s Nest & More!

  1. Umm what do u get from the dragon nest box in the revamp 2012?
    i hear tht if u get a Crimson Argraive it will be untradeable. and has durability

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