[42] PetalV2 | Guilds

PetalV2 | Wind Archer | Nova | GMS

Q1. What guild are you currently a member of?

A1. “I used to be a member of Cataclysm but then quit when the alliance got inactive. So I am no longer in a guild.”

Q2. What makes your guild so special?

A2. “Like I said, no guild here!”

Q3. What do you think the purpose of a guild is?

A3. “I think the purpose of a guild is to help others who are starting fresh and to have fun while doing it!”

Q4. What is the best guild in Nova?

A4. “Well, I think FacePalm or MeGusta since I see them often.”

Q5. Have you ever been a leader of a guild?

A5. “Yes, the guild’s name was StarStruck, but then nobody logged on anymore and so I deleted the guild along with the leader.”

Q6. What’s the leader’s main responsibility?

A6. “I think the leader’s main responsibility is to make sure the guild is intact and to make sure everybody is happy with the guild.”

Q7. Are there any disadvantages to joining a guild?

A7. “Not that I know of.”

Q8. Do you think it’s better being guildless?

A8.” Unless you have a lot of friends, I’d say that if you feel alone you should consider joining a guild.”

Q9. What do you think Nexon should do to improve the guild system?

A9. “Well I think they could try putting the ranks on that stone (forgot what it’s called) like they used to!”

Q10.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

A10. “Have fun mapling! :D”


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