[43] BadLuckMapler | Cursed

@BadLuckMapler | Twitter

Q1. Who are you, exactly?

A1. “I’m Brian Mapler, ex-bounty hunter, sharpshooter and magician (fire, light and darkness). I’m notable for being Bad Luck Mapler, Jett’s apprentice, and the youngest billionaire in Maple World (net worth is 52 billion).

I was born on Cerberus where the people there treat me like an outcast. The teachers refuse to teach me anything and I have no friends. The only thing I have is a gun and I practice my shooting after school. Jett and Burke noticed my talent, so they hired me as an assistant and tutored me. However, Jett got framed for the assassination and rumors arouse that my bad luck had affected her. Before I left, I took a couple stones I collected as a hobby (they’re called Nebulites in Maple World) and some cheap purple rings (called Dark Angelic Blessings) I got from the supermarket.

So we fled as usual and crashed onto the Nautilus. Burke left a couple hours ago and I woke up too.  I didn’t know where I was, so I wandered around and saw Kyrin. She noticed my rings and told me that they were worth a fortune in Maple World. Kyrin was also nice to escort me to the Free Market and sell my stuff there too. The Free Market was madness, I sold all my rings and Nebulites in less than an hour and made over 50 billion mesos in profits.”

Q2. Why are you always getting into unlucky situations while playing MapleStory?

A2. “According to Duey, he said that I’m cursed with bad luck. He said that I used to be Luminous and at the moment he fled, the Black Mage put a curse on him. Since he reincarnates when he dies, the Black Mage said that his next reincarnation will have bad luck. That reincarnation is me. The curse will be broken when I die, so I’m trying to commit suicide to break the curse. It keeps failing because either the rope breaks, no one wants to murder me, someone rescues me when I try to drown myself, or there’s a soft landing surface if I want to jump to my death.

Even if I successfully kill myself, someone revives me. It’s either a GM who thinks I’m awesome or the Grim Reaper having pity on me.”

Q3. When and why did you manage to make a Twitter account for yourself?

A3. I’ve gained enough wealth from selling Dark Angelic Blessing Rings and Grade A Nebulites at the Free Market (they’re junk in Cerberus, but treasure in Maple World), so I went on a shopping spree. I bought a laptop and started learning how to use a computer. I stumbled upon Twitter and created an account to share my misadventures with the world.

A week later, I went on another shopping spree and bought a phone (HTC Sensation). They preinstalled their own Twitter application, but I didn’t like it and installed Twitter’s official application instead. That explains the “Twitter for Android” thing below my tweets if you noticed before.

Q4. What gets you back on your feet whenever you get into another unlucky situation?

A4. “I’ve a wealthy Mapler, so I can replace most of my stuff. Like I said in a previous question, I get revived if I die.”

Q5. Do you think you’re the only one going through all this?

A5. “No, because there’s another character in an alternative dimension going though all this too. He’s also named Brian (Bad Luck Brian) too.”

Q6. What is the worst situation you’ve ever been in?

A6. “I defeated Magnus with my friends once, and we successfully killed him. But before he died, he released a purple bomb that instantly killed me the moment it touched me.”

Q7. How many days have you had since your last accident?

A7. “The average is 1-2 days on adventuring, and is 5-7 days on non-adventures. The amount of bad luck grows during birthdays and Maplemas because that’s when I arrange my wishlist. Last time, I asked for a kitten and an anonymous person sent me Von Leon. It destroyed half of Henesys.”

Q8. What do you think your Twitter followers think of you?

A8. “They actually think I’m funny, and inspired them to create their own Bad Luck Mapler tweets. The day after I created the Twitter account, another clone popped up (BadLuckMapleSEA) and created his own MapleStory SEA Bad Luck Mapler tweets. I’m not sure if he’s a wannabe because I’m questioning his existence.”

Q9. Do you think you’ll ever be any luckier in MapleStory?

A9. “I don’t think so. Despite buying those good luck charms, they never seem to work.”

Q10. Are there any tips you’d like to share with the readers so they don’t end up in your position?

A10. “Don’t screw with the Black Mage. He knows where you are and he can remotely cast spells on you, even if you’re halfway across Maple World.”

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