A farewell…

Dear beloved fans,

On August 2011, I had a vision. My vision was to do something no one had ever done before. Most importantly, I wanted to get my favorite thing to do involved. At the time, my favorite thing to do was play MapleStory. MapleStory was the game that enlightened my imagination and creativity when I was a child. There was nothing better. I used to get back from school, get my homework done, and then rush to my computer to play for endless hours. This happened for about 6 years. The thing is, after about 4 years I started getting busier. Each year was busier than the previous. As a result, my time to play MapleStory was decreasing.

On January 2012, I was hacked. I lost all my sentimental values. The jerk who did it decided to not only take my items and Mesos, but drop all my untradeable items. This left me with nothing but my experience. I could have really cared less about the money, really. I’m horrible with gaining Mesos and I’ve learned to play without it, but all the items I’ve stored since I was a little kid were dropped into oblivion. This made me desperate and brought my world crashing down. I had no idea what to do, but to say farewell to my friends and stop playing. Believe me as I say I tried starting over, but I lacked motivation. Then came a solution…

In late January I was looking for something new to do. I tried new games, but none of them worked out, until I found Minecraft. This game was something new. It was nothing like anything I’ve ever played before.  This was a game I could play hours on end. It had no rules and what made me extremely happy was that even if I did get hacked, my progress would never be affected! Anyway, I can go on and on about Minecraft, but let’s stay on point! As I played Minecraft, I tried returning to MapleStory to see if I would get a spark to keep going. Unfortunately, I didn’t. My “MapleStory career” was over.

As you, my beloved fans, have noticed, I’ve been keeping up with my interviews even since the incident. Don’t forget that my time was and still is decreasing, so I lowered the weekly number of interviews to one to two. On September 12, 2012, I completed my 43rd interview. Who knew that would be my last? I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get to at least my 50th interview, but I have no other choice but to leave 1000maplers.com inactive. After November 15th, my domain and registration will become void and out-of-date. I would normally renew both of them, but this time I won’t. I can’t spend my money on something I don’t have much time for. After the 15th, the website will be restored to 1000maplers.wordpress.com. So if you’d like to pay a visit, please remember that the domain has changed.

I know many of you will be upset, but I promise you I gave 1000maplers my very best. I don’t regret anything, and never will. It was a great experience getting to know many of you Maplers. I’ve met with various personalities and I’m glad I’ve been given this opportunity. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for all your support and donations. I absolutely love this website. Along with MapleStory itself, it stores tons of memories I’ll never forget. 

Along with the website’s inactivity, 1000maplers’ Twitter account (@1000maplers) will be down too. If you’d like to contact me, please send a tweet to @Invisicow. That’s my active account. Also, I put tons of sweat into every interview and pixel on the website. If you’d like to post any of it onto your own website, please let me know first!

Thank you for reading my long farewell letter and thank you for sticking with me since the beginning. Without support, there would be no frame and incentive to put this together.

With love,

 ~ Eric A.K.A. “1000maplers” ~


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