Hi there! My name is Eric and I’m just the typical MapleStory-player. One day I thought of doing something that no one had ever done before. I was curious about what everyone else thought about the never ending evolution in the world of Maplestory.

I wanted to interview one thousand lucky “maplers” to get the chance to get their opinions out and to share ideas with everyone else. For example, the Big Bang patch in December 2010 was a large contribution to the game’s “evolution.” There were thousands and thousands of players who were clueless with what had happened and it probably had taken them about a week to adapt to all the updates. That was exactly what had happened to me. Where would they go to find out if they weren’t alone? Where would they go to share his or her opinion?

There will be one lucky player once or twice a week. I will be asking the interviewees about updates, new features, skills, jobs, and more! This site will only improve if you contact me about suggestions, comments, and really anything in particular! I will be more than happy if you would like to be one of the one thousand Maplers. Don’t be shy!

Thank you so much!


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