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A farewell…

Dear beloved fans,

On August 2011, I had a vision. My vision was to do something no one had ever done before. Most importantly, I wanted to get my favorite thing to do involved. At the time, my favorite thing to do was play MapleStory. MapleStory was the game that enlightened my imagination and creativity when I was a child. There was nothing better. I used to get back from school, get my homework done, and then rush to my computer to play for endless hours. This happened for about 6 years. The thing is, after about 4 years I started getting busier. Each year was busier than the previous. As a result, my time to play MapleStory was decreasing. Continue reading


[43] BadLuckMapler | Cursed

@BadLuckMapler | Twitter

Q1. Who are you, exactly?

A1. “I’m Brian Mapler, ex-bounty hunter, sharpshooter and magician (fire, light and darkness). I’m notable for being Bad Luck Mapler, Jett’s apprentice, and the youngest billionaire in Maple World (net worth is 52 billion).

I was born on Cerberus where the people there treat me like an outcast. The teachers refuse to teach me anything and I have no friends. The only thing I have is a gun and I practice my shooting after school. Jett and Burke noticed my talent, so they hired me as an assistant and tutored me. However, Jett got framed for the assassination and rumors arouse that my bad luck had affected her. Before I left, I took a couple stones I collected as a hobby (they’re called Nebulites in Maple World) and some cheap purple rings (called Dark Angelic Blessings) I got from the supermarket.

So we fled as usual and crashed onto the Nautilus. Burke left a couple hours ago and I woke up too.  I didn’t know where I was, so I wandered around and saw Kyrin. She noticed my rings and told me that they were worth a fortune in Maple World. Kyrin was also nice to escort me to the Free Market and sell my stuff there too. The Free Market was madness, I sold all my rings and Nebulites in less than an hour and made over 50 billion mesos in profits.”

Q2. Why are you always getting into unlucky situations while playing MapleStory?

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[41] BanditBunny | Dragon’s Nest & More!

BanditBunny | Shadower | Kradia | EMS

Q1. What is your favorite party quest?

A1. “My favorite party quest is Dragon’s Nest. It gives you great exp even at my level and you get boxes which give items that can be turned into superior item crystals. So not only do you get exp you can make some profit too.”

Q2. I like that one, too! Are there any disadvantages to Dragon’s Nest?

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[38] Rayque | The Almighty Ribgol Sword


Rayque | Hero | Kradia | EMS

Q1. What is a Ribgol Sword?

A1. A Ribgol Sword is a level 100 two-handed sword for the warrior class. It is a blue glowing black sword build up in segments; every segment has a straight piece of blade, connected to a tooth. Its cross-guard is a round plate, and its grip is a long, bent cylinder. Its last segment is a somewhat larger, gray colored tooth. The sword is probably based on the Shikai form of Zabimaru, the weapon of Renji Abarai from the anime Bleach. It is also known as Stonetooth Sword in Global MapleStory.

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