[37] Koshenya | Luminous

Koshenya | Night Lord | Broa | GMS

Q1. What is the story behind Luminous?

A1. Luminous is the final hero class (another mage). His story-line is pretty straightforward. Basically, he is the last hero to join in the battle against the Black Mage. Of course he ends up attacking him by himself, as the others do. He is angry at the Black Mage for what he has done to his friends (the other heroes). At first he is losing, dodging attack after attack, but then he finally meets the Black Mage in a battle of pure power, and blacks out.  He awakens to find himself in a forest near Ellinia. A girl named Rania finds him there, and takes him into her home. The two become great friends, and Rania reteaches him about the Maple World (Luminous lost his memory). But then, while the two of them are walking through the forest, Luminous’ power surges, and destroys Rania’s home, and leaves her close to death. It is then that the player can choose between light or dark. However, this choice only affects first job skills, and an element specific damage increase (if you choose light, you get a skill that increases all light damage.)

Q2. What kind of job is it?

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[36] IDatBishop | Life of a Cleric

IDatBishop | Cleric | Bera | GMS

Q1. What “mission” do you think Clerics are responsible for?

A1. “I think Clerics aren’t really responsible for anything. They can be very powerful alone, like against Zakum, or they can be very helpful in the healing and buffing department.”

Q2. What do you think is a Cleric’s most powerful and useful skill?

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[35] ViralSwag | Inspiration

ViralSwag | Battle Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. How long ago did you start playing MapleStory?

A1. “I started playing Maplestory in 2008, so when I was 12.”

Q2. What inspired you to play?

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[34] EducationKid | Mini-Games

 WELCOME BACK, READERS! For the moment you’ve all been waiting for.. Interview 34!

EducationKid | Citizen | Khaini | GMS

Q1. What is your favorite Mini-Game? Why?

A1. “I really enjoy playing Omok more than Match Cards. Not only because I’ve always enjoyed ‘Five in a Row,’ but also because it’s more of a strategy-type of game.”

Q2.  Can you explain how Omok works?

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[33] SageFIip | Phantom (KMS)

SageFIip | Bishop | Windia | GMS

Q1. When was the new Phantom job released?

A1. “December 28, 2011.”

Q2. From one to ten, how fun/exciting was playing as a Phantom?

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[32] Naao | Town of Ardentmill

  Naao | Paladin | Bera | GMS

Q1. What is the town of Ardentmill used for and known as?

A1. “Ardentmill is Maplestory’s Crafting town. It’s were Maplers can make equipment and items, like potions.”

Q2. Where can you find the town?

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[31] MistralxX | ETC Gathering

MistralxX | Battle Mage | Windia | GMS

Q1. What monsters do you usually gather ETC items from?

A1. “Well, mostly Orange Mushrooms, Stumps, or any monster I can find in the area of a map. I collect ETC items from any monsters I see, but it sometimes varies on where I am.”

Q2. What do these monsters drop?

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